Dimensional Overview


A late night moment of clarity so I’m just going to type.  Just when I was certain I was letting go of this slant of the journey, I now seem to understand.  So much for being a more mainstream spiritual being/blogger, lol.  So here’s my take on 3-12D and the possible process.

I stress possible since each has their own way/process/truth/life.  This is just a sharing.  Have you noticed this pattern?  Previous teachers spoke their truth as truth.  To a new spiritual seeker it might seem absolute.  Many on this wave are adding the reminder that we each hold our own.  We are just guides and offering potential reminders.  So see what resonates.

3D is before awakening.  For many it is enough and all they know.  It does become a foundation and reference point for quite some time to those who wake up.  You will be and land back into 3D often so… please love 3D!

And here’s an interesting thing… some remain pretty much entirely in 3D yet can access higher levels.  For whatever reason they don’t need the activation/embodiment/process/experience.  Years ago I just wished to be an accurate psychic yet that word choice nor experience never stuck.  Years later this journey has become more than I could have ever imagined.

4D… well my 4D experience has already been well documented on this blog.  It was my dark night (really more of a season and process) and could also be described at times as hell on Earth.  (Note which word I capitalized.)  I now understand why so little was written on 4D (before).  It doesn’t have to be this extreme though and may be very different for another.  It might be a past life review or sampling of energies, stories and lessons – all good.  At times though it seems like two steps forward and one step back and vice versa.  And at some point we do have to let ourselves out of/ascend 4D… yet not until you are ready and you will, know/be reminded.

5D has been here for quite some time yet only to those who are ready to see and feel it.  It is big LOVE and Heaven on Earth.  Often those who channel 5D are channeling Angels/Heavenly beings.  While you might permanently ascend to 5D and have a very different way of life, you might also find that you osculate between three, four and five.  You are also loving yourself and pulling in soul aspects during this time (if you believe in this).

6D… at first I wondered what happened to… or what was 6D?  Like, did I skip a step?  Nope.  6D is anchoring a dream.  Welcome to the multidimensional in a new and at times wild way.  It is a time to float and daydream.  And you will.  You will also receive inspiriting thoughts/messages yet not all of them materialize.  This can be confusing and you may doubt your gift yet you move on anyway.  6D is often about the future… your future.  So, you are also often jumping timelines (again, if you believe in this).  You hold on loosely and do what you can in your reality.  This stage is not about pushing/forcing/working hard.

At some point, these D’s overlap, ebb and flow.  While it seems like a progression, at times it’s not.  What I didn’t realize is, I embodied (yet this is really just a reference word)  7D with the last big energy blast I felt.  Really though… it does and does not matter since this is a nonstop process of connecting/feeling/anchoring/embodying/BEING.  7D for me so far is being connected to this planet/Mother Nature in a deep and personal way and being open and available to all that I can.  It is about taking all that you have remembered and putting it into service/action in whatever way you can/are guided/manifests.  It is a time to walk in your Mastery.  Please know this is not perfection (although you are), you came here to be human.

For now, let’s keep the 8th simple, basically turn it on it’s side…

I remember a few years ago being at a remote location that became a very spiritual experience.  I was overwhelmed with what I saw, felt and experienced.  I was introduced to the 9th dimension and it was a bit before my time.  The interesting thing was, the location many others have visited as well and while they might have felt something… it was, what is was… a nice remote location and trail.  To me though, it was a world of… well, I still struggle to describe the magic, mystery and intensity that I felt and saw.  I seemed to enter a portal and it became a very holy experience.

I was also introduced to the 10th – a dimension of healers.  Often reiki/energy healers pull from this dimension.  When I don’t feel well or am keeping others in well wishes, I ask for assistance from this energy.  While you can become a certified healer, this dimension will also teach you what you need to know.

11th dimension is where one truly embodies a light body yet we are doing this in stages as the entire process goes along.  Lightworkers like this number for a reason.

One can channel/receive message from just about anywhere.  The word choice of dimension is just one way to describe it – energy.  This alone is a gift.  To anchor the energy takes it a step, farther (for lack of better words).  Anchoring is clearing your body and the collective as well.  It is holding space.  It’s as if while you are anchoring, you are being assessed to see if/when you are ready.  Then you embody/wake up/activate that dimension/dna.  It can be intense and happen automatically yet unexpectedly… or at least that’s what happened for me.  Yet automatic might = 111 blog post for me.  There is so much work going on before.  It can also be very subtle.  You no longer need to channel/travel to or receive, you now have the knowing in you yet it might take time to access/hear it.

Know that each of these steps – receiving messages, anchoring, and embodiment is a gift and process.  Each step can take months/years/lifetimes.  This is an adventure, not a race.  So really it’s silly to try to push the process.  In my opinion, it just won’t work.  Yet by consistently walking your walk, you will get there and experience what you need to.  Really you already have… so this can take the steam/pressure out of the “ascending” process. Really, it’s never ending.

Yes, there will be (what seems like) risks and times to push and step up and then times to lay low, chill and enjoy.  I can’t say that I hold one experience as higher or better than another.  Each is just, different and special in it’s own way.  For a decade I was happy with 7 chakra’s and worked to get those energy centers moving/strong/clear.  Up and then down and then round and round they expanded.  Then I was guided I had 12 yet the additional ones did feel outside of me.  I also went through a process of reclaiming my soul, then higher-self and this has also been a mental, physical and emotional process.

For several years, 144 has been an important number to me.  144 soul aspects.  12 chakra’s/dimensions.  At times I’ve received some biblical like messages on this number as well and I haven’t been religious in over a decade.  So I do wonder how this ties into a common word choice of Christ consciousness.  I do think of Jesus as a teacher of love who had a human experience.

Does the 12th just end one cycle and become a gateway to a whole new set of dimensions?  🙂  What is just as important is being, here.  Living and loving, right here and now.  So for now I will hit publish before my brain clicks in and starts to overthink.  This is enough.  Just a perspective and there are many.  Good night sweet souls.

Picture taken this evening.  As the full moon wanes, we remember.

5 comments on “Dimensional Overview

  1. Hello Molly,
    You might have noticed Persephone Rose. She is still in the beginning of Blogging, that starting out time when you have few followers. I realize you are taking a step back from… forums and internet stuff (Matt Kahn would be proud.) Yet, if you are interested you can check out her Blog. She is a witch living in the Bible Belt, which cannot be easy.

    Her site is:

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  2. Hello, Thank you for Publishing. At the end of reading this, I took a deep breath in through my nose. So deep the skin of my nose pulled in and partly blocked the air. I have been taking such deep breaths often lately. When I did it next to my eldest sister and told her about it, she said it must be stress. Yet, I wasn’t stressed. It is involentary where suddenly my lungs just quickly expand like a yawn is involentary. Yet, I am not tired. My mouth doesn’t open either, it is such a sudden instinct to breathe deeply that my mouth doesn’t have time to open.

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    • Wow! Thanks for sharing. Reminding all that a breathe is needed 🙂 This is one of those posts that might not resonate with many yet I needed to let it flow and go. You made my ear ring yesterday. ❤

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