And the music continues

Lady-in-the-Harp-Optical-IllusionI know I wrote I’d be writing less but…   And I know I mentioned I didn’t need to mention the energy but

I’ve seemed to catch up, been reset and fallen back in love with much.  Yesterday was a day of spreading the love.  I am going to be pacing myself and seem to already know there will be times I’ll be sharing as usual and times I will be quieter as I pull in or start new ways in my reality.  And I have my teen team who I’ll be playing with these next several weeks.  Honestly, that’s the priority.  Family first AND embodiment… well, let’s just say I seem to be undergoing some significant changes and I haven’t found the right word(s) yet to label it.

So this is just a quick check-in. 

This is such an interesting time because we can’t run away (well, I guess we could) and hide as we have this experience.  That veil has been lifted.  Yet no wonder many of us had other lives as a nun/monk/etc.  This time, we are bringing many along with us in a new way.

The energy for me last 36 hours has been high.  Signs, synchronicities and often some of the more magical moments have been happening though in the simple or quite by surprise.  And dream time also seems to be active.


I’ve also been seeing/feeling in the collective as if the cords of jealousy/injustice/betrayal and speed/faster/being pushed are being plucked – mix those together and yikes!  This might not apply to you at all yet, you might observe it.  And you might be the one that another turns to in needing a moment of compassion.  You are to remind them of who they are 🙂

Often as I awake, I can easily get much on my mind yet I can hear a dove nearby  cooing which is a great reminder – peace and love.  That is my nature.  One morning though worry was on my mind yet my knowing was saying this mantra:  Try this.  Awake and be happy (but of course).  Place your “problems” to the side.  Trust that answers will come.  That’s right.  There are no problems, just solutions… opportunities.  Now trust that I’m not saying to neglect or avoid issues, just don’t make them into something more than they are.  Answers and solutions are coming.  Allow it to come to you.

I’m also pondering.  With so much written on love/5D… I’ve been noticing some who do not respond to, love.  I’m wondering if there is a dimension that has no concept of love.  And it’s one of the main reasons we come here.  To experience it… even with all of it’s ups and downs.  Have you though noticed that some of the love teachings don’t resonate/reach some?  It’s as if they have no reference or it holds no meaning to them.

I’m also reminding myself to practice.  A few weeks ago new skills emerged.  No, they do not stay with you 24/7 (or at least for me) and at this time I’m grateful for that.  The Universe does provide and it’s our choice whether we practice and expand… or not.  So I’m having moments where I’m so dialed in and then others… not.  It’s all good.  While there will be moments of receiving serious energy, we also seem to be in a 30+ day period of using what has been given to us.  And to play!

Trust that the Divine is at work… so pay attention.  Possible life altering moments are being slipped in all the time.  So… let the music play.  I love ya.


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