Chakra Moon

While I’m sure there is some logical explanation… I really don’t need one.  I’ve often photographed the moon but this evenings pictures captured several additional hues.  The first is as far as my camera will zoom and the others are at about 4-20x zoom. With each click, I seemed to capture a new shade.  This hasn’t happened before so it was fun and special and I’m just sharing.  Goodnight, rest well and sweet dreams to all.

9 comments on “Chakra Moon

  1. Wow! Very cool!! Check out this photo – – An intuitive friend of mine said it was the king or queen of the park where my son and I were (or something that equates to that). My son called in spirit and I snapped away. I’m looking for my photo of when I called in Archangel Michael. It was so cool!

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