Attachment as a Teacher


I always love it when I finally… or, in a new moment get, the lesson.  While school’s out for summer here, I seem to have an a-ha on, attachment.  Really Spirit and I have been working on and off on this lesson for several years now.  And, yikes… this is a big lesson – many layers to this one.

There are times in life where an attachment is stolen/ripped/taken away like a scab that comes off too soon.  We are left raw and vulnerable.  Then there are also times when we willing let go and move along in our knowing.

I am human and realizing I am attached to… much.  Even after all of this spiritual work – gheez.  Memories, stories, people, events, places, habits, items and the most random things at times.  I can literally feel it in my body; a connection and energy.  And these attachment can be to both positive and what one could say, negative.

Months ago I wrote on detachment and practiced until it became one of many ways.  I found it went hand and hand with manifesting.  Manifesting has nothing to do with control.  Detachment/neutrality can help you live in the moment and free up space (for inspiration, creation and magic) and weight (old baggage).  It does feel like peace.  You trust or know that what is meant to be, will be.

This lesson though I’m looking at in a new way.   Attachment serves us well – showing one where energy flows.  This journey is about love and letting it flow… and an endless bouquet of experiences and lessons can spring from an attachment.  It’s interesting because attachment and bonding is needed for humans.  A newborn… and well even an adult would (or might) not thrive without it.

No wonder though we practice/reincarnate so many time.  At times we just can’t get enough of a person, place, feeling or desire.  It can though become hard or a challenge when unbeknownst to one, too much weight is being carried or, one has placed too many restrictions or rules on one’s… or another’s… life, freedom and Divine plan.

Ahh… so see and feel what you’re attached to.  Ponder on, why?  Is it serving you?

At times attachment can cause great suffering yet when one remembers, the suffering can be released.  It is often a process.  Attachments basically are, love.  Yes, love can have a weird way of getting our attention at times.  When it becomes too heavy/dense = suffering.  We are not to, endure… we came to transcend this.

So…  large  Period.  This journey is about being the light, feeling light and love.

Know that at some time and place, it will come back to you because… you are everything.  You are whole and complete.  It is all there… just in a different form.  At times we have to let go of people or the things we love the most so that both they and you can transform.

So LOVE what you are attached to.  It is serving you well.  That’s what you can here to experience.  Love it passionately.  You will know when the right moment comes to… let go.  Trust your process.  And then you might just be surprised at the real joy you feel in your heart.  That is the Universe.  You are now expanded… if just for that moment.  This is remembrance and it is a powerful moment of reunion.  You are truly, home.


Attachment is a teacher… and it is love.  Both the teacher and student are.


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