LOE or Love…

colorful hearts with geometric pattern, vector

Well, it’s both.  Just checking-in so this will be short loves.  There was an interesting energy last night… it felt like a tense discussion in another place.  I’ve felt this energy before… several times.  I had a great day so this did cause me to pause and wonder.  I often feel energy yet can’t always get the story/message/scoop.  Spirit is crystal clear with me often enough so I don’t overthink these moments. 

I went to type LOVE into google looking for an image yet this is what popped up:

“In project management, level of effort (LOE) is a support-type project activity that must be done to support other work activities or the entire project effort. It usually consists of short amounts of work that must be repeated periodically.”  I laughed.  This is so fitting for this journey. 

So here is my LOE love offering…  Last night after a rain storm, fog appeared.  And a prior post on fog (my sign to go slow, the answer is unclear for the moment) was also liked yesterday.  So it might just be other versions of yourself are catching up/finishing up on a lesson and then, as a whole you will jump/move forward again.  The energy last night also felt like a small delay has been slipped in yet when I checked in on this I heard, we do not see delay.  Ahh, but of course and this was my cue to think higher.  It’s all about perspective.  Everything is progressing as it should.

First thing this morning my mind was whirling, all these random thoughts.  This is not a bad thing either since much of it will go.  Even a ten minute meditation/rest can help (who cares if you just got up, lol).  So if your feeling a bit, off… you are not.  You are doing what you need to do.  You’ve changed and what doesn’t fit… is going.

The last thing I wrote last night before I went to bed was, make all of this normal.  Ha – ha!  I know what I meant when I wrote it.  I’ve been feeling that statement for months now.    This journey is extraordinary yet it’s so normal and right here, woven into one’s everyday life.  There was a time in my journey that all I wanted to talk about was spirituality and boy can we.  When I first woke up, I craved it like I’d been starved.  I couldn’t get enough; spiritually insatiable.  And you might decide not to do some more 3D things because all you wish to do is your kind stuff.  Yet… you will (or might) get to a point when you’ve had enough/feel satisfied.  Everything becomes sacred.  The past few weeks have been interesting since I’ve meet several new people and never even mentioned spirituality.  And each encounter was very divine.  Each person had a message/gift and I hope I provided the same.

After I published my last post on attachment, I found this imagine.  It was interesting since I’ve often seen a 6 and 9 separated by a line… almost like it was a date.  Maybe it was a hint, hint to this passage.


The heat is on… for a reason – this does seem to be a cleanse.  Breathe and know… all is well.  Stay in your heart space.   It’s shifting in each moment with the tide and wind yet you can anchor yourself.

4 comments on “LOE or Love…

  1. Since last night the message of anchoring has been coming through and here is your post showing the picture with wording about anchoring, lol. I am becoming more aware of the beauty of the simplicity/complexity of life. Truly an exquisite paradox.

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