I don’t think so.  Good day and how are you?  The other day it was like a festive, Welcome to 7D and then the first order of business for me seem to be… a lesson.  Gheez…actually a few and to be honest one of them stumped me a bit.  I’ve been clearing and resolving much with ease for a while now.  Often a simple thought or meditation does the trick.  This one though…

reminded me of several issues I had years ago where it took days or even weeks to get to the root of the issue.  And then… as if a magic wand was waved, the veil was lifted and the issue was understood and life went on, even better than before.  Much smoother.

I seem to forget each and every time that when you enter a new energy/level, any issues that were not resolved (enough) on the last round, will present again.  It might feel like a repeat but trust that it is not.  It is an invitation to go a bit deeper if you choose.

It’s funny to think back on the symbolism that surrounded me.  We had a driveway with many bumps from tree roots that ran underneath the landing area and basically ended up surfacing and claiming the driveway.  We had amazing landlords and they completely redid the driveway and then… we found out that we were moving.  I think we only enjoy the new smooth driveway for a month, lol.

The issue/lesson at hand though is often not how it seems.  There are many facets and layers to it.  So I thought I’d share my experience since I think many will be pulling in to do this personal and rewarding work.  Also know that Spirit is with you during this time.  They wish for you to have peace and to feel light and to keep moving forward.

I journal often.  In the past, I’d write the issue at hand down.  This alone seemed to make a difference.  Like I needed to get it out of my brain.  The answer isn’t in there (or you would have already, known).  Writing is a form of therapy in itself so write as much as you need to about the issue – vent.  Then,  let go and come back to it a few hours/days/weeks later.  Reread and see how you now feel since you are different, already a higher vibration and wiser.  The issue might seem very complicated yet I often try to simplify the issue into themes and then a vibration/word.  What is the vibration trying to teach me?  And… you might also acknowledge that the issue has actually presented itself many times in ones life (possibly in different ways and unbeknownst).  You might find that the issue actually started many years ago and has manifested/materialized in many forms, again and again until now… when it really has your attention.

And… just like this pic, you might find your issue is tying into another’s as well.  For now I encourage you to stay focused on your journey.


I’ve found that Spirit will leave clues (signs, events, something that is said, you just happen to read an article on the issue, etc.) to help in your discernment.  The answer also lies in your heart, peace and in silence.  By being neutral and open to seeing how the situation is for your benefit and has been divinely orchestrated for you to, transcend it.  That’s what you came here to do… and you will.

If you are stumped… well, rest on it.  It’s there for a reason.  This is the giving tree.

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