The Now and… random

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So this is the, random.  Grab bag style and takes what serves you.  The signs, synchronies and divine timing of events continues.  I do pause as I acknowledge each one.  I often can’t help but to just say, wow.  For days I’ve been saying it’s, nuclear hot.  Hmm… Nu clear.  Yes, a time to get clear on many issues.  Heat and humidity will slow you down/exhaust you and it is a great time for the Universe to reach you – slowing you down to, see something… or to chill and turn inward.

Overnight/sleep has been a busy time.  Waking often yet with little remembrance or it’s  unexpected/odd.  Don’t overthink (or do)… often we are just traveling.  It also feels at times as if my body is being adjusted – awaking with a few aches.  I did have a dream that I was now connected to the two suns.  The sun that we know of and one in the center/core of the Earth.  I’ve received random, brief and strange messages on this topic before and will also pass along this article I found online.

I also wanted to mention that if you notice all of a sudden being drained, it might be a soul group call.  Slow down/rest/meditate and see what comes through.  If you are new to this, well, you might just have to rest for several tries.  Know that you are energetically connecting to the group you need and in time you’ll know/hear/see more during these times.  What I’ve found was that often after a brief 15 minute rest (verses fighting it or pushing on), a wonderful energy then carried me through the rest of the day.

Know that this can also be a confusing time for all.  Many are Wayshowers meaning that you stand in both Earth/3D and energetically and potentially in many other realms.  As a Wayshower all sorts of feelings, emotions and events will come into your energy to help keep you connected… otherwise you’d only be writing about sunshine, roses, unicorns and bliss 24/7.  While that’s nice (haha and I do it when I can) it’s not always helpful to all.  We do have a variety of issues we work through – together.  I’ve noticed it’s often a dance of up… and then down… and then again.  We remember and then we have to clear a few things so we can remember even more.  Wayshowers are Masters yet, we all are.  If an unusual situation comes your way and it makes you feel more human (just when you thought you were understanding your mastery) – bingo – take time (and as much as you need), transcend it and then share if you can.

Know that the Universe will remove what no longer serves you.  I do remember the times when I was hoping a few things would get removed yet they didn’t – ugh/lol.  I’ve had two rather big removals in the past 48 hours.  Just when you think… it might become obvious there is a change of plans.   You may be surprised, sad or confused yet know that it’s for a reason.  Be kind to yourself and trust your process.

I had a moment and then felt the need to type out a reminder that my writing just offers a perspective.  Any topic can be viewed in unlimited ways.  Writing can be descriptive enough so that another so gets it… yet, at the same time, if it was offered up in a discussion, so many other facets would emerge.  While I might be trying to get a certain view across, it might not fit another’s journey/situation/moment.  So it’s amazing to write and try and to have those who do read along, understand and support.  Thank you.  Again, I am humbled and honored… and I love you.

I also wanted to mention my  /   /   / … haha or not.  Trust that an editor would not approve of this writing style.  I guess it’s one of many reasons I love blogging – freedom!  There are so many levels yet often they are the same vibration in general.  So I use them to try to capture the larger view yet one can pick out the word that best suites their current situation/vibration.

I am also working on a blog project.  It’s shaping up to be a part 1-? and might (or might not) interest all.  My intention is to post it starting on 8/8… the lion’s gate 🙂  So we’ll see if it speaks to you.  It’s writing I’ve had tucked away for a few years now and now seems to be the time to, in one way or another, publish.  🙂

Okay, so enough for now.  Blessings and  ❤  Use the NOW to your advantage.  To rest, to create… to play 🙂  We are gearing up for some big energy again, soon.

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