Activating Crystal Core


Okay, I’ve heard the word choice of, the grid is linking up again and I thought I understood what this meant.  Well, like most things, it means many things.  At times it does seem like the energy that one connects to is down.  It also feels as if something is going on somewhere else and we aren’t privy to all the details (the veil is a blanket).  When it comes back online, we are told/shown what we need to know.

Months ago I received a series of messages explained to me like a, 5th element.  I wrote about them to the best of my ability at that time.  I’ve been undergoing a process of activating a light body which has taken the word choice of being a lightworker to a whole new meaning.  Today as I meditated, I felt… something and then saw a visual.  A selenite crystal wand as my core – it’s own energy… pulse…vibration.

Large_Selenite_Crystal_Wand__28561_1297054520_1280_1280            SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Hmm… what happened to my charkas… or inner universes (other visuals I’ve seen)?  Like can chakras change into crystals because I was feeling this yet I understand it’s energy.  Now though, this seemed to link me to The energy in a new way.  While this picture has resonated with me for some time, now I was really smiling.


I tried to google to find another who has already explained this experience that I had today yet I didn’t see a match (trust that I’m sure it’s out there somewhere).  I’ve heard of crystal skulls yet some of this information doesn’t resonate with me at this time.  I’ve received messages on being a Guardian yet many of us are.  We do hold much knowledge.  I do believe in waking up dormant DNA and that it can be a natural process.  It’s not supposed to be work or that one has to do x,y and z (although it may help).  By waking up/activating/allowing this new dna, this can then assist in connection one to an energetic grid.  We “work”, play, remember and communicate via this grid.  Most of the time it’s unconscious to us or in a dream or meditative state.  And, this is why it is to be easy.  We see/hear it and then bring it into form (manifest) here.  What we see/hear is not in our mind.  We have to get out of our mind to be reminded.

This also ties into an image I’ve seen before like this… vortex’s/energy centers that many don’t know of yet.  They are everywhere yet hidden to the human eye.


So when the grid goes, offline (to us)… could it just be an invitation to pick up a few new points of light (and for many other reasons as well) when it comes back online?  I think so.  Yesterday I had to return to bed several times.  I was, offline and was told I was being prepared yet I wasn’t sure, for what.  I’ve learned in my journey times of total relaxation bring great benefit verses being a tense/stressed human.

There are just so many ways and moments of being… able to do this… and write on it.  It does seem to be an endless variety.  I write and share just to remind since I can’t tell one how to activate their crystal core because each person’s journey is different.  For me it’s been a process.  I don’t even ask for these experiences (because I could never think them up, lol) but every so often they just, happen.  I do like surprises.  All I can do is share and encourage you to keep walking in faith on your spiritual path… that is unfolding.  Trust that these experiences/remembrances happen for a reason.

So what does this mean?  Was this an anchoring of energy?  Yes… and more.  It’s always, more.  I believe it’s another way/skill/step.  Each one seems to then, in time, lead to another experience/remembrance.  At times though many of these experiences all catch up and synch in a second and it can be a powerful new moment.  Clarity + Knowing + Power + Peace = Awesomeness.  Your core muscle is very important to the human body… it allows movement.  And so does your crystal core.  Oh the places one might go.

Thank you for reading and thank you Universe for reminding.


I’ll also add this article I found:

It explains three different grids (crystal, light and solar) and this resonates with me.  I also liked the questions at the end (you can ask of a portal).

All pictures found online – thank you.

10 comments on “Activating Crystal Core

  1. This is… interesting.

    Months ago, I connected the Orion Jewels of Harmony to the grid. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but you seeing what you saw seems kind of synchronistic.

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  2. I’ve been up for a while, but I ended up sleeping maybe 13 hours. I tend to sleep 10 hours.
    I had a dream where I saw a girl ghost. I pointed to the ghost and said, “Look a ghost.” Everyone around me freaked out and started screaming. It felt as if the whole world was screaming. It woke me up, and as my mind was between sleep and conciousness I heard a loud boom. Awake, I wondered if another ‘end of the world’ timeline had just collapsed.

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