Who said this was going to be easy?


So late last night I said, uncle.  Seriously… I wasn’t warned of the intensity of this energy.  Well, yes I was.  Many times but hearing about it and now experiencing it are two very different things.  And we aren’t done yet either. The energy is awesome and amazing yet… Continue reading

An infinity of a-ha’s


Do you remember a time when your spiritual journey seemed  s-l-o-w?  As if nothing… or not much was happening yet you so wanted for something… anything to happen?  Well, this would not be one of those times now (or at least for me).  It is interesting… this reemergence that has been unfolding for me.  Each week/month, more.  Years ago I did have a time where it seemed as if life almost stopped.  It needed to.  I had much to learn/remember.  Continue reading

Monday Check In


This will be quick.  Time is a gift and it seems to be going quickly.  Know that a lot is being stirred up right now.  Remember we are being asked to feel some things very deeply.  Find your breath, balance, peace and love.  I am in some ways also (still) processing this energy.  New a-ha’s and a few of them… it’s not that they aren’t settling well… let’s just say I can feel expansion.  It can though feel like your feathers are being ruffled a bit, haha… or… notContinue reading

What is love and light?


I often use these two words interchangeably.  Often as a parting statement like a, sincerely.  Yet… what do they mean?  Well, I seemed to have created an entire blog on it since it can mean, a lot.  But let’s keep this short, simple and sweet and… this is just my humble perspective.  Love = Love… yet think of it as unconditional love… love x 111 (yes, an angel number).  Continue reading

In the in between?


After days in energy blissville (see prior posts if needed)… there was a contemplation/review energy which was followed by a sense of peace, lightness and silence.  And then… was the panic button/vibration/test pressed?  Yesterday afternoon was not what I expected.  A strong wave of feelings/emotions and they were not me.  I’ve had this happen before.  It does often happen after the high blasts of energy/upgrades yet one also seems to forget each and every time.  Whatever is not matching who you are becoming, needs to now surface and go.  You are now strong enough to work with/change/release this. Continue reading

Bats and Butterflies and…


Dallas??  Yes, all of this is on my mind and in my reality. I awoke several times overnight and early this morning feeling as if I could get up yet, knew I needed sleep.  After yesterday and all the energy, wowziers, so I felt like I kept putting myself back to sleep. I finally arose and seemed to have Dallas on my mind.  One could say I choose to align to that reality yet it was the farthest from my reality yesterday.  Continue reading

Wow, wow, WOW


Really, I’m not sure where to start.  The energy blast of today for me was… HIGH!  I couldn’t write for hours yet wanted to, to capture the essence.  Then again, at times words just don’t convey the meaning.  This is also just like me and a camera – at times I have to put down the camera and enjoy the moment.

I’m now understanding (even more) the process of ascending/embodiment.  (For some reason though I’m not liking those words in this moment because this is who we are.)  Each person’s process is unique so this is just a perspective and there are many.  At this point, I could joke, well, I wish to be light and joyful about what’s been a very serious, long and to be honored process.  It feels great to be in this moment.  So… Continue reading

A rest stop break


Oh I’ve been in an energy for days yet last night, it was gone.  It’s like you’re on an overnight car or bus trip – resting/dreaming and then all of a sudden, awoken.  The bus has pulled into a rest stop.  You are wondering if you are at your destination.  Not yet.  You have the option to step off and stretch and use the rest room or try to fall back asleep again.  Really though, your just ready to be there. Continue reading

And the energy continues


The realizations and changes are not stopping.  Neither is this energy.  I wrote a post last night and will probably post it next.  I was certain I was out of the energy – ha!  I awoke a few times overnight – dreams and weird body sensations.  And the energy is moving again in me this morning.  Fast, accelerated would be the words. Continue reading