Abuse = Done!


The issues Spirit works with me on… Wow!  And this is a big one.  Recently I had a light conversation with another.  The abuse word came up.  It was simple for me.  Abuse… of any kind  = Done.  We didn’t come here to be abused and to endure.  You can choose to end that contract, immediately.    Yet… Continue reading



Alrighty kiddoes… how is everyone doing?  I’ve had a few busy days and not as much time to journal/write.  In the moments of reflection though, I keep coming to this word – unprecedented.  Never know or done before.  Yup!  This is what many of us are doing.  Continue reading

Birthday and Blogging


I love birthdays and mine seemed to sneak up on me this year.  I’ve had… 40+ trips around the sun.  So today has been a day of being in the moment and doing what I love.  It’s been a day of peace, love and bliss.  Earlier today I thought how bloggings is like a birthday… with each post, like, comment… an energy (gift) exchange.  So then, just about every day is our birthday.  Absolutely.  A time to celebrate.  So I am just sharing my gratitude and love.  Don’t wait for a birthday or holiday.  Celebrate, now.  That’s what you came here for. Continue reading

Heart Opening

Applied then and definitely applies NOW. Really no sense in writing a new post when this seems to be the action/step. Whether you are feeling these energy waves/upgrades or just life in general… relax and OPEN your heart. The more one closes, the more pain/struggle/harsh realities are brought to you when really, we are done with that. Honor your process though because all experiences are Divine.  I ❤ you.

2020 Spiritual Vision


If there is one thing I’ve been reminded of this week, it’s to open my heart.  Period.  Sounds so simple, right?  Yet…

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Light Body Update


At times I write to the best of my understand about my light body process.  Several times in the past 15 months or so I’ve had an experience that seems to fall into this category.  Spirit seems to only provide a few words and I often have to then do some homework to better understand.  My mind wants to understand.  Then I share, knowing that it’s just a perspective and a part of my overall experience.  Continue reading