Mass Soul Travel


Usually on Monday, well, on many days I meditate and get a collective energy update and then share.  I had no desire to do that today.  Interesting.  I did rest often today which is also not like me since I’m always doing something.  I had an experience though and thought I’d share.  I was resting and then could feel this, pull. 

The pull… energy that I felt – wow.  Amazing.  It was different than other sensations I’ve felt before.  I then knew I was about to astral travel.  With my eyes closed I could, see.  I could see my spirit rise and then start to travel yet… I wasn’t alone.  It felt like a soul highway.  Hundreds… maybe thousands of souls were also traveling.  Maybe 144,000 souls.  I’m not sure where we were going… maybe I’ll be told later.  This experience, well, it can only be Divine  (I didn’t see or feel that it was departure or death) so I wished to note it and share.  Maybe another has also had this experience (or one like it) and will share their perspective and wisdom.


After my rest, I went outside and must have still been in a meditative stage.  I glanced to the clouds and the entire sky was a pastel rainbow.  I then seemed to snap back to my reality and it was gone.  Okay… there is a realm of rainbows and unicorns and in the right state of being… one can see it.


Two weeks ago everything became so accelerated for me yet now, after a few changes (some on my end and some on the Universe’s) and basically letting go… yet again, there is this sense of peace.  It is the epitome of what you think spirituality is.  I’m realizing we do impose some of these veils/filters.  The more we can relax, they just seem to disintegrate.

Something magical is happening… can you feel it?  I do hope so.  I will continue to share and thanks for reading.  ❤

All pictures found online.

I might be adding a few notes here.  I remember years ago when I was having conversations with Spirt/God/Source that I believed most only have once they have ascended into Heaven.  I was honored to start this process while still here on Earth.  Trust that I didn’t take this for granted.  This experience today I believe has something to do with a rainbow (light) body.  And this has been the year of the rainbows for me.  Will update when I understand, more.

Update:  Ha… I must not be grounded in time.  No wonder no collective update… it’s the 1st and many put out an update on the 1st… while I also love reading the updates, too… at times we forget them just days later.  Spirt reminds me often that we are to be, nontraditional.  🙂

10 comments on “Mass Soul Travel

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  2. I need to write a post about my experience astral traveling as I’ve done at my church’s meditation group. Did I tell you about that? If I didn’t I’ll reach out and tell you about it. I sounded a lot like what you initially experienced in the earlier parts of this post! 🙂

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  3. I tend not to have visions. I am feeling based in my abilities. If I have an image flash in my mind, it is so short I barely see it. About the amount of time in which a person blinks does it stay.
    Sometimes I see something out of the corner of my eye. For example, a person that when I look back I see nothing.

    I was in my apartment once, and show what looked like Mother Mary looking out the window in a room I was passing. I was so afraid to see, even such a loved being, that I didn’t look again.
    Now I wish I had for, maybe, this time, Mother Mary wouldn’t disappear like every other time I noticed a figure in passing.

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