Animals Jumping Realities


This summer I’ve taken up the deer as a photo subject.  It has been a challenge since at first they would only come out at night, then at dusk.  Then on occasion during the day but by the time I grabbed my camera, gone.  Yet I eventually got several shots.  Then I could see the fawns (exciting) but they stayed more so hidden in the woods or ears of corn – what is my all time photo in my mind thus far.  Eventually they became brave… and independent… and curious and came out into the open.

As I was taking a round of photo’s this afternoon, I clicked on a fawn and then went to click again but… the fawn was gone.  I am very well aware that deer can move quickly.  I have many blurry photo’s and miss shots.


I looked all around because this was in an open field and no where was the fawn to be seen.  I then chuckled as I remembered I’ve had this happen before.

I’ve also photographed birds (another challenging subject, or at least for me).


I had this happen with a red cardinal.  Now you see me… now you don’t.  Just vanished.  Not even a flutter.


I’ve heard people wonder/believe that animals can jump timeline/realities. So this is just my experience… story and sharing.  Was this a jump… glitch… portal… or a change in my perception?  Hmm…   Spend time with nature.  Who knows what you may see.

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