An energy update and… heads up


I’ve been processing energy all day and wished to share.  If you want the simple version know that all is well and not much is, urgent although the energy could be felt and seen in this way.

I chuckled when I saw this in my email – thank you Triple A. While I received one before when severe weather was on the way, this time the forecast is actually clear and sunny skies.  Hmm… It does though seem to parallel the energy in the air.  Big waves ahead and this is what we’ve been waiting for.  We got this!


So I can feel several different layers and additional balls of energy being tossed in.  Oh the variety.  One of them is excitement.  Yah!  It seems that some things might be happening ahead of schedule.  How cool!  This will be great news for many.  It can though also come across like going into labor just a bit early.  Like you knew it would happen but… now?  Believe in divine timing and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Some of the energy will cause overthinking and doing.  A breath… or several can help.  There will be moments were staying grounded will decrees the chances of an accident – most of us don’t have time for that.  If you find yourself in a rush, slow down.  Plan a little cushion/room.

There is (and has been) a death/ending/departure/change energy in the air and this one can be hard.  I, too, have experienced this, this year.  When I get a bit glum I remind myself to celebrate those who are living and in Spirit.  Those who have passed over are with us.  Mourning though is releasing so trust your process.  And you may also feel (cosmic) homesickness with this energy.  Be sure to surround yourself with those you love or volunteer in some way to meet/serve/connect/love new people.  You are here for a reason.

There also seems to be a very flirty energy is the air.  As if eyes have been opened.  At times I sense this in the spring or around the 4th of July but it also seems strong right now.  So ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you if you are looking/single, what you are looking for.  What David Deida refers to as a third stage (evolved) man or women.  You don’t have time for anything less (well… unless you just wish to play, have fun… yet possibly get your heart broken and into a mess of drama).  Advances or invitations seem to be in the air so choose wisely.  A pulse has been sent yet many don’t understand it.  We are to be looking for our soul mates/group and, that we are looking for a certain vibration.  All others are just a test or… chuckle.  Use your knowing and skills.  The interesting thing is, they are a part of your group but we often misinterpret the role that they have this life.  At times it’s just to raise our energy a bit and for you to remind them of who they really are.  If you do remind, think less is more here, okay?  Often no words are needed yet a simple look into another’s soul can be reminder enough.  (And if you’d like more info on the stages, you may read Dear Lover or Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.)

Some may start to feel overwhelmed with a flood of energy/events/emotions over the next two months.  There seems to be different types of energy floods for different reasons.  It can awaken one.  The accelerated energy may be to raise your energy, fast forwarding your timeline or…  I had an experience this evening that I’ll need to write up and share soon.  It’s not that we need to keep up/do more/endure.  Know that it’s happening for a reason.  At times we need to get out of the water and reassess.  And if you feel the energy in your body, at times you float/levitate but if it gets too high, find a place to lay down, go limp/completely relax, don’t panic.  It will pass, don’t fight it.

For many now would be a good time to asses and inventory.  Think simple and less verses more or complicated.  Please take care of yourself.  Find ways to disconnect, pace yourself and rest as needed. Drink water and don’t forget to eat… maybe less but more often.  Your body is processing much and you may or may not realize this.

In closing I will share this reminder/pondering/a-ha/reset.  Many are striving to align/manifest a life that feels right.  Well, what if you already have it?  It’s not (yet I understand it is) about the places, people and experiences – the, forms.  It’s more so about you.  Whether you live in a mansion or a shack (and please do place any other scenario here) … are you… can you be at peace?  Do you feel peace, love and light (no burdens).  You may be trying to manifest something into your future to align you to these feelings but… are you just manifesting the next illusion/experience?  Like, will it ever end?  Will one ever really truly be… happy?  People, events, things are just a reminder of what you already have.  It (what you really seek – what’s driving all of this) was given to you from the very beginning.  From your very first breath.  You can choose peace and the life and feelings that you wish to experience, right here, right now.  Right…?   🙂   Just a thought.  ❤


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2 comments on “An energy update and… heads up

  1. I have been single most my life. I do not have a drive anymore for a boyfriend, and only briefly had that drive. I assume my Soul Mate must be in the Stars, as I am not interested in getting into the dating scene. Other than the random person asking for my number, (at a bus stop or such) which only happens every few years, I do not get asked on dates.

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