Sending Love


This Adele song seems to be the song for the day.  This version is beautiful, more acapella.  Today might be a personal housekeeping (clearing) day. Getting you ready for the next adventure.  So… time to let go of those ghosts.  It might be an ex or a bad memory or just something that isn’t serving you any longer. Feel it.  If your ready… if your ready.  I think you are!  Honor your process and let go if you can.  I AM sending love to you. 

And you, too, can just send it.  Send it away… send it (love) to you… to others.  Whatever works.  Get those hands waving.

I’ll also add this song by Death Cab for Cutie, Soul Meets Body.  Let go and then… receive.

Let’s soar… because we aint kids no more.  We came here to experience all of this.  Dance if you can.  ❤


(Picture found online)

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