Torus/Torsion Energy

First, I need to write this post from a very human perspective.  I am sure in time I will be able to write on it with a more mastery perspective.  Right now though… this is a moment like so many on my journey that my brain doesn’t understand yet wants to.  I started this blog writing on what I knew and wished to inspire.  Then some time ago I was lead to water that, for me, felt unchartered.  So I just continue to venture and share to the best of my ability.  It is a honor to write and share.  So… It happened again.  An experience I had a few weeks ago where everything became accelerated.  I was in a vortex of energy.

The last time it happened, I could feel it build over hours yet I didn’t necessarily stop.  I did slow down significantly yet nothing else was.  For over a year now I’ve floated with the higher levels of energy when they’ve come yet this was, more and unexpected (yet most of my journey has been) and definitely concerning to my human mind.  I felt like if I got any higher, I was going to… well… become transparent?  Leave this reality?  I just can’t find the right words.

While there is (thank God) some information online and presented in knowing… I guess my role is to document this a bit different.  I often seem to have these experiences and then the parts that I don’t understand, I do my homework and further checking in.  At times it becomes crystal clear within a day and other times, months later.  I seem to have these experiences backwards.  The experience and later, the understanding.

So after the first experience, I thought it meant I was carrying to many old programs.  Like a computer that runs wide open.  Some cleaning up needed to be done before a system crash.  I also thought I might be taking in to much fuel/energy like a car engine that revs at a high RPM while in park (a block?).  I know that it’s to be balanced and flow naturally.  I also believed I might have overcommitted myself in my reality and that I just needed to re-evaluate, prioritize and let go.  Well… all of that needed to be done and seemed to be step one.  I also made it clear to the Universe that I didn’t ever need to feel that energy again.  Yet… just the other day, I did ask for my next step.  Trust that I didn’t think it would be this, again, lol.

So I had a day where I only needed to do a few simple things yet then… that energy was back.  I have felt moments, as if the Universe is moving through my body.  I’ve found that by stopping, laying down and relaxing, whatever (upgrades) needs to be done, gets done and I’m quickly back up and running again.  I’m lucky if I get a few words of guidance as to what’s really happening.  I trust and keep moving forward.  So now with this flood of energy = getting on the floor (because even the bed seemed to high) and completely letting go.  Tense = stress/fight/aint working.  I requested guidance and received several words – listed next in bold.  I was saying, Spirit, you have some explainin to do.  I’ve added definitions I found online and this may or may not help another.  And after 20 minutes, I was 99% back to normal… yet I could feel that I was different, of a higher energy yet very grounded.

Centrifuge – the energya machine with a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to its contents, typically to separate fluids of different densities or liquids from solids.

Fuselage – you:  the central body of an airplane/craft that is designed to accommodate the crew, passengers or cargo.  An object shape into a spindle.

Changing your electromagnetic field:  a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy.

Original core frequency… yours… finding your now frequency and raising.

Photon belt:  Ahh, I’ve felt this before.  A band of intense photon light. A photon is a quantum of light, or the smallest possible packet of light at a given wavelength. It is emitted by an atom during a transition from one energy state to another.  One of the pictures online (because there are different ways to look at this word) reminded me of the Milky Way and I had seen the Milky Way the night before… hmm.

Torsion field:  Also called spin field, is a feature of a pseudoscientific theory of energy in which the quantum spin of particles can be used to cause emanations lacking mass and energy to carry information through vacuum orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light.

And it’s so interesting what pops into your mind.  Trust and know that we all are connected.  For some reason Sandra Walter came to mind earlier in the day.  I found myself repeating, creator breath and I could only wonder… that must be intense.  Sandra has done a lovely video on Creator Breath and Torus Fields – Wow and Thank You.

Some of the signs and dreams I’ve had recently, I now understand.  Even some of the experiences like why did my human soul move…?  So a multidimensional soul can play.  🙂  Some of the vision I had years ago are also now making sense. I’ll also mention other symbols that may help are nesting dolls or even the divine twin flame, yet wrapping around like the medical symbol.  For me this field of energy does tie into time and the speed at which you feel it.  The bigger your field also = what you can see.  You will also know in a minute if your field is off – the spin like a washer machine that has all of the load on one side.  At first I also wondered why can’t this just be done in our sleep state yet… what fun would that be.  I do believe it starts there and then comes more into ones awake reality.  There is no way we could have started here, we had to get here.  Then we learn to use this gift/connection.

And after checking my email, I chuckled.  I received basically junk emails (hmm like our junk dna) with the following titles:  Good job being born and every piece matters. This is a non-stop process of rebirth/reunion/understanding aspects.  It happens outside of us yet then inside and then works it’s way out.  Each step is amazing.

So I now know that this is actually a gift and to not fight it.  To make time to understand more on this experience/energy and see how this unfolds.  I do understand that this ties into a few other themes I’ve been remembering/processing (sacred sights, geometry).

I have a few post set up for next week on a bit different topic.  They are not perfect but I have done the best I can for now.  So I will be back, soon.  Thanks for reading, commenting and being!   Much love to you ❤


Additional articles found online, all divinely guided to:

(All pictures found online)

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  4. This is extremely interesting. I’m a little behind and will have to go back and read your most recent posts to catch up. I love the way you write, too, very easy to read and understand. 🙂

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