The last to know


Sometimes in this journey… you are the last to know.  I’ve had this happen before, many times, with life lessons.  Others could clearly see the answer but I had to get to it on my own.  As I’ve been allowing time, space and my process to unfold, I can’t help but to chuckle at the divine perfection of it. 

This part of the journey seems to have previously been quieter/held in secrecy yet I already see future waves describing it to a t when they get here.  We are in a new Earth and it is safe now to discuss certain parts of this journey.  I do see that there is and is not information online.  It can leave one to wonder and this is for a reason.  To pull in and find your own answer.  It’s a great mystery for a reason.  So several new understanding have settled and some I don’t feel the need to explain.

I had a few questions stirring in my mind so I asked google. I often have luck with finding an article that resonates.  Something that reminds or points me in the right direction.  This time though one of my own articles was in the top search results and I let out a howl.  I knew that the article didn’t answer the depth that I was now asking.  Yet this was my reminder.  I now needed to be my own google and be open to my own truth surfacing.

Spirt told me my own hard headiness blocked some of my wisdom – I would agree. While I meditate, keep things simple and live what I preach… this journey requires times of great stillness to, hear.

Something so profound is happening.  Many don’t realize it yet… yet, this is also so innocent, perfect and divine.

I realized I’ve been a gridworker for some time yet didn’t know.  How ironic.  I’ve heard and used the word yet didn’t understand.  Even now I only understand a layer of it so I remain humble.  Very humble so this is just a perspective.  You are assigned an area and work to clear the local and collective.  You do work with a variety of souls/energy (often many who are in between).  It is often work done is silence yet I’ve also included bits and pieces in my writing for the greater good.  You may also be assigned to areas in your asleep state that you travel to/work with/guard(ian)/protect.  You might not even know this.  It also ties into opening portals (when you open), creating vortex’s, anchoring love and light and keeping a balanced state.  You are very connected to Mother earth and… so much more.  Many are actually gridworkers yet there are different types/levels – all are needed.  At first I wasn’t told this but my body reminded me – I felt the area I was connected to.  And do you do what some would consider some weird stuff…?  YUP!  Maybe that’s one of the reason’s why not as much is written because this does become a very personal and unique journey.  You trust and do as guided.

I’ve also heard the word gatekeeper but my first exposure to this word was not in a positive light (and I’ve previously written on that).  From my perspective, gatekeepers don’t have locks nor keep anyone out.  Only one can do this to themselves, it’s about vibration.  Gatekeepers keep the gate(s) open and often pull up those who are ready.  You do have an understanding of the unseen and other dimensions.  You are the bridge and often share what you know.  Those that need to find the information, do.  While both of these roles get much more involved… this is enough said for now.

The thought of being a gatekeeper didn’t truly resonate until the other day.  The moment that I saw and felt that my life could have ended at an intersection (symbolic) left an impact on me.  After all this ascending here on Earth, I could have ascended in a different way right then and there and… a part of me did.  I chosen though (unbeknownst to my mind but not my soul) to stay and assist in my own unique ways.  We all choose this.

Years ago I gravitated to the word choice of lightworker yet I also went through a short phase where I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to claim/align to that word.  If you follow along you know I believe we are all lightworkers.  The simplest act can make you one like a smile or holding the door open for another.  Many work a variety of traditional jobs and have never even heard of the word.  And yes, there are also many who maximize the word/skill as they grown into their mastery.  Then later the word choice of, wayshower kept coming to my attention. The word in it’s self explains.  Often you are just a reminder, to point the way.  A wayshower is a guide that also often steps into teacher shoes.  Know though that there are so many ways to, teach.

The only reason I write/mention all of this is at some point these words may assist another in their journey.  We often get to these crosswords and our human minds needs to understand.  Then all the experiences can settle and we move forward.  Many on a spiritual path are in the process of letting go of the 3D way, where titles/roles/duties were important.  Later… this is not.  You just… do… live… be… and love.  You don’t need to claim anything because you remember… I AM that… I AM.

Thank you for reading.


I’ll also share these articles that I found that may also assist if you are interested on this topic.

2 comments on “The last to know

  1. I remember when I met a Gatekeeper in a dream. It was an alien and we ended up kissing. The aliens tongue was so long it reached into my stomach. I started wondering how I could breathe so easily despite this, and woke up taking in a deep breath.

    That is the only time I recall meeting a Gatekeeper in a dream. I am noting it because the dream itself used the word Gatekeeper.

    I didn’t end up getting the job I applied to *tear.* Feels like the only way I will ever feel abundant is if I win the lottery/sweepstakes. My eldest sister also talks about wanting to win the lottery. She has a good paying job, but costs of living are high enough that she often ends up low on money.

    Here I am still wanting a UFO RV. Kind of like Howl’s Moving Castle, but more Sci-Fi. I am unsure how they would end up taxing a UFO RV. If your house moves around in the air do you escape some taxes? What State would I be listed as living in? How should I design a UFO to feel like a home? Perhaps I should get the help of Better Homes and Gardens, or some other magazine. I am sure they would be interested in helping with the home design of one of their first UFO RV homes.

    Unknowing if I will get my UFO RV in this lifetime, but thinking of how to make it comfortable non-the-less.

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    • I envision a BHG and Jetson’s mix. What a great idea! I’m sorry about the job. Somehow you are being protected/guided to the right one. Maybe your dream was just opening you up to this possibility. 🙂 ❤

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