In like a lamb, out like a lion?  Well, maybe since for me today it’s been so still, quiet… calm… ahh… right?  As I rounded a corner, these clouds greeted me.  Yes, I am a cloud checker/whisperer, lol.  Paintbrush strokes, each layer just a bit different.  It’s in the simple… subtle way that Spirit often talks to us.  These pictures just don’t do it justice but…

then again it might have been one of those moments where it was highlighted through my vision – a sky tide.

The tide is changing.  Now is not the time to get stuck on any step or way.  Just be… in the flow.


Enjoy the mystery.

Know that much will be attracted to your light and you get to choose what you wish to partake in.  This is not about doing, this is about being.  Take time to see the illusion or reason why you might be getting ready to act.  Is it from a place of love, knowing and something that would feed your soul?  Or is it to feed a need or ego?  Really, it doesn’t matter.  All experiences are good.

I also thought I’d pass along part of an email I received.  I often receive emails with parenting tips and today’s I found to be a fun activity and a good reminder… yet also think on it just a bit, differently.

Can you make a penny disappear? You don’t need magic but you will need:  A penny, piece of paper, clear water glass and a saucer.

On a table, put the penny on the paper. Fill a clear glass with water and place it on top of the penny. Can your child see the penny? Where’s the best place to see it? Now cover the glass with the saucer. Now that you can’t look straight down through the water glass, can you and see the penny? What happened to make the penny disappear?  We see objects because light rays reflect off them into our eyes. But every time light hits an object of a different density, it bends a little. So the light reflecting off the penny has to pass through air, water and glass. Each has a different density. By the time that light ray gets to your eyes, it looks like the penny is someplace it’s not. When you cover the glass with the saucer, the saucer blocks the bent light ray from reaching your eye, and the penny seems to disappear.

Relax your mind… eyes… and open your heart.  The density is the veil/block.  Allow it to lift.  What you seek is there, just waiting for you to see it.

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