Rays of Light, Part 2


If you are just starting here, please see Part 1.  For all others, welcome back and thank you for reading.  As just a reminder, read a bit slower and know this is just a perspective. There is a lot of information here that needs to be slowed down and digested but for now I’m just passing along.  With channeled messages, they often open windows, doors and hold multiple meanings and… often a healing is also taking place.  While some words/messages may seem obvious, trust that the words are going deeper for those who need it.  I’m also leaving my now perspective out of this as well.  There are so many energies available and my guess is some (who may be new to channeling) might be receiving similar messages and it can bring relief when you find that another is/has also received. 

2/12/14  It is interesting the things we say… “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite… and you wonder why kids can’t get out of state of fear. You know how to put them to bed. You used to say, you are safe… you are loved and run energy (down my children’s body as I put them to bed). See you have already done this. How you start and end your day is important. Simple things are important.”

I asked for a symbol that represented my relationship to my children. I saw an image of a vase. I did find this symbolic. I was to support and nurture them. They were to stand tall on their own and show themselves… blossom.

3/1/14 “College… is good for some but not needed for all. So many have forgotten what they were born to do. College can take some much further off their path. They were born with a gift. They must align with this gift. College is like Walmart. Instead of small town, each person running their store, their specialty, it’s now all lumped together into a pool, a factory, all to make the same thing. Where is the unique, one of a kind?”

“The future generations coming remember more. Parents will struggle to keep up and to understand. You aint seen nothing yet. Some thought the “ADD” wave was different/intense. Intense is coming, the new waves. Your society only has two tracks right now to deal with them. The medical (and even mental health), labeling and numbing them. The criminal, caging them. The ADD, the “sensitive” kids tried to pave this new track but so much more needs to be done. Your society kept trying to keep them in the existing tracks. A new track needs to be made.”

“The future generations have powers of the mind and wisdom. What you have seen in movies is real. They will not need computers. They will move things, send messages and make things happen all by using their mind… different than those who have come before them.”

“Some teens are finding relief in electronic music. It needs to be taken to a higher level/vibration for them to hear the message. There is a higher message for every song written.”

This next piece is part of a lesson I was discerning on and I thought it might help another.  I was explaining to Spirit what I’d done as a mother and this was what I heard back.  I had several years of being a stressed/possibly overachieving and single mom who deeply loved my children.  So I can empathizes will all the moms who are doing the very best they can.  “None of this is mothering. You never learned what mothering is. You were never mothered. Mothering is simple. It’s too simple. It’s… patient, kind, unconditional, listening, offering a hand. A parent is a Master. Consistent, calm and wise. Elders should be parents. Parents are too young. They see it as a job, not a joy. You feel that you are off course (when they try to manipulate you), well, you are. You take the easier path. You are confused and don’t know what to do. Their soul activates your soul but you (your body and mind) don’t know what to do. You cave instead of create a new opportunity. A time to tap in for further instructions (like a parenting support hot line). We can give advice and show you reasons why this is happening. Often, a reminder.”

Well… I can remember several not so good parenting moments where I called out to Jesus Christ. “He would have responded but you weren’t listening… you were too emotional… blocking the wisdom. You do have to be at a place of peace to receive… unattached to the outcome to receive (not block) the answer.” Well, this is hard. In the heat of some parenting moments, it’s hard to call a time out, get calm and meditate. “You do, do time out but it’s what you do during that time out that matters. You must heal your inner child to parent … so many have never really parented… they miss that moment of healing.  At that moment, their child is their teacher. We push you to see these lessons. We push you to evolve. Bless those who are your teachers, even when they are small.”

“An acting out child is just their need for a parent/role model. Your role is to help them remember who they are… a spiritual being. Your role is to remember who you are… a spiritual being, their teacher, a leader. You are to provide a foundation. Instead you provide a roof over the head and walls. The roof limits them and the walls… well, don’t let them just bounce around, help them go higher instead. Create this (scared) space for them. Your role is to raise their energy to their highest vibration, not to let them flounder around.”

* I also wanted to share that I’d later hear of Dr Shefali.  While I don’t watch a lot of TV, she just happened to be on one day.  I did feel that her teaching go hand-in-hand with some of the messages I received.  Particularly that children are here to assist us in releasing our often unconscious wounds. *

“Parenting is a privilege (a village). A rite of passage. Timing is different on your planet yet not many have seemed to figure this out. If you can’t change the timing, change the mindset. You must know thyself to parent. Just now are you knowing thyself so just now will you start to parent. Be glad… you still have time. Many don’t learn till they are grandparents.”

“Your boys choose to be mothered by a Goddess… so they are confused. When you start acting like the Goddess you are, they will come back into alignment/remembrance.” Wow. Oh my… I definitely haven’t been acting like a Goddess. “Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. You lead… you rule… they will follow. It’s how you rule. Rule wisely. Choose a place to live not hide (it was gently implying that many are hiding/escaping/numb). Where can you play… create… be?  You have skills and internal riches so you do not depend on luck or fate… you create. Make a family plan. Divide and conquer. Do not allow outside negative forces to win or to be swayed or lured away.”

“We teach you so you can teach others. We think there needs to be a shift. A village should raise like Aztec, Indians or indigenous cultures did. Too separate now.”

I went to look up online how the Aztec culture raised children and this is what I read: The ancient Aztecs considered their children in high regard, they were thought of like a piece of treasure, something to be careful with and protected. The Aztec family was an important part of society, so much so in fact women that died giving birth were given the same honor as that of a mighty Aztec warrior that died in battle. Children were educated, trained and cared for by their family long after they had married or even had their own children.

Indigenous means native, original, first, born within, a culturally distinct group that had been affected by the processes of colonization. A group that are united by a common culture, tradition, or sense of kinship, which typically have common language, institutions and beliefs.

I wonder if the Universe thinks we need to get back to the basics. Maybe we are a little too civilized and modern. How can we blend some of these older existences (principles) into our modern face past, tech savvy, materialistic world?  How can we make a better way and life of balance?

So now what do I do?  “You mother metaphysically.”  I was taking a long and deep… b-r-e-a-t-h.

3/17/14  On this day I wrote:  Children need love.  They need to be heard.  They need encouragement. They need help when they fall. They need a guide who helps them see the higher plan yet knows at times to step aside. Children need a reminder of who they are – a perfect spiritual being. We all are.

To be continued… tomorrow, tomorrow… I love you tomorrow…

Or… NOWhere  🙂


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    • PERFECT… perfect, perfect! OMG (lol). Thank you. You know how I love music so thank you for making this better, taking it to an even higher vibration. ❤ ❤ ❤ Teary eyed.


  4. I love how I read this post and it’s about your relationship with your children because I had a dream last night about a child I had (in my dream). I know it was of symbolic gesture because I am not a mother nor am trying to be anytime soon. I’ll just say that I do feel a connection to this post, thank you!

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