Back up?


I chuckle at the signs I see.  As I sat with the sun this morning, I kept hearing a truck backing up.  Beep, beep, beep.  Hmm… soon we’ll be in a Mercury retrograde.  That is often a time to take a step back and review.  To discover a gem we might have overlooked.  Has one processes and used what has already been given to it’s full potential?  A retrograde does and doesn’t hold power over you.  You hold the power.  I’ve noticed though that not many like to back up.  We are so forward thinking.  Often thinking the next will bring joy/an answer/relief.  That is a gift you can give yourself right now.

The beeps may also mean another energy load is incoming… feel ready to receive?

At the same time, I also heard doves cooing.  Love.  It was echoing through the air.  Ahh.

I awoke with a lot of higher heart energy today.  Two words popped in my mind:  Generous and Gratitude.  If your not feeling this, in what way can you?

Those words also seem to ironically tie into a random thought of mine.  Taggers… ever noticed them?  Well, you might even be one.  I seem to attract them from time to time.  They can be viewed in many ways.  It can be an honor and energy exchange, a reminder/sign (or a message on their site) or viewed as just plain annoying, lol.  Yet, we all need love and long for a connection. I guess this is why I am humbled when one does take the time to read, like and possibly even comment.  Know that your work is known and supported.  Extra/overdoing isn’t always needed.

I was cutting grass/meditating yesterday and a message was coming in on the one soul.  We, in our many parallel lifetimes are one soul and are connected to The one Soul.  Often what you are feeling/experiencing is being played out to other degrees in other places and at times you will feel the overlap.  Remember to choose your vibration wisely by making the best of situations that challenge you.  Often we can ascend/jump in the most simple/practical/real way.

Now is the time to access your inner wisdom.  You don’t have to be deep in meditation.  Just breath, remain open and listen.  You may wish to ask yourself, what does my guidance tell me?  Then trust it!  At times, we dismiss it as quick as it comes to us.

If your are trying to manifest something, I suggest that you truly feel it. How does it feel in your body?  Does it feel… joyful?  Raising your vibration?  How does it play out in your fantasy or practical mind?  Yet don’t overthink… discern, ponder.  Often one tries to manifest something yet they haven’t truly gotten to the root of the desire.  When you do, you often realize it has nothing to do with what you were asking for.

An example… money.  Often it’s not about money, it’s about freedom.  So do what makes you feel, free.  In time and by checking in/being open for additional guidance, you will find that a way is provided – your own unique way.  A co-creating experience indeed.  You and the universe as one.  So you might not want to ask for money… ask for more ways to freely live and express.  Then do that – that’s what you came here for.

And.. feel the reason(s) why you are limiting yourself.  Fear/insecurity/doubt/past karma??  Feel it and heal it.

Wishing you a lovely day!


Retrograde 8/30 – 9/21/16 … no fear, just love.

12 comments on “Back up?

    • It started for me after writing this… as if the sun/morning sky set the tone (I could see a different hue)… big shift and feels lovely (not to high, yah!). I was then reminded to keep things simple as I was walking out the door so… I AM. A bit giggly. Floating! Haha… Drunk in Love (energy) is on the radio! ❤ you and thanks for letting me know yet I was hoping you were also feeling!

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