Rays of Light, Part 3


First, if you’ve been reading along – I am honored.  I’ve haven’t done a Part 1 –   before and wasn’t sure how this would go.  So thank you!  If you are just starting here, I’ll reference the first and second post in this series if you’d like to read/catch up/better understand.  As a reminder, the you is, us/we/you.  This was also addressing some parenting years where I was a full time mom, had a full time+ career and my children (from my perspective) were being exposed to much, particularly in their pre-teen years. So hold the messages loosely because this is just a sharing of what I received… a perspective.  Thanks for reading.  ❤

A breath and… let’s begin.

3/23/14  “Children are often born to parents who are incapable to parent. Children are being born wiser and wiser. They don’t like to be dummyfied. They are lost looking for a guide. Not a medication… drug or a TV. They are awake yet their parents are not. They look around certain this was not as planned. They are surprised. Do not beat it out of them. Do not ignore. They are not to conform. Embrace this next generation. They are coming in strong.”

My mind then seemed to think on a sentence that was dropped earlier. “Where you an aborted soul?” Wow!  … and maybe. Imagine carrying that around, buried in your cellular memory/dna. I ask, if that is the case, that it be cleared. This one sentence could hold much meaning and maybe why some are so driven. Life is a gift and we want to live it.

I thought of my upbringing where I went along with my parents. I did what they did and didn’t talk much. Children today are often placed first. In many ways, this is good and I’ve done this. Asking them, What do you want to do today?  Well, no wonder. They want it all and now. Children are “driving” today and parents are allowing this. How do we allow them to drive safely and not cave to their wishes (from our childhood wounds or current insecurities or exhaustion)?  Some of the now experiences available might be too soon for them. Maybe they just need to be children. If they have it all now, what will their adulthood be like?  More… (potentially) out of control/insatiable?  Or will they be well-rounded, satisfied and wake up sooner for having these experiences younger?

I realized my children were frustrated being here in the land of plenty now and to not be able to get out to experience it all (when I encouraged the simple things).  They think this is the worst thing that could happen to them when I think this is normal. What about balance?  Growing up, I just played and then later quietly made my list of what I’d do when I was an adult. Trying to explain this to them, well, they couldn’t understand what was my reality when they can see their reality… and that their peers were living a busy and affluent lifestyle.  And this is often also shown to them on TV and online – bigger, more, lavish and that you, too, can have it all and now.  Some requests (that couldn’t be granted) seemed to cause pain/tension/disappointment on several levels to all.  I’d raised them to enjoy and appreciate the simple moments but I’d also exposed them to some big and fun events as well. Now, they seemed to not enjoy the simple moments anymore.

“Motherhood prepared you for channeling. As a mother, you trained yourself to hear many things going on at once (why you can hear the different tones and energy that come in as words). Your trained your ears to hear the silent noises children make and private conversations pre-teens have (you can hear our soft whispers, too). The words often come when you least expect them, so do other challenges with mothering. You also saw the unbelievable – the messes a child can make in just a minute for example. Now you often allow your mind and eyes to again see what you think is not possible.”

True… yet did you notice the Universe didn’t respond to my rambling/pondering?  And why?  Because it was a lesson I had to figure out and in time I did.  Children are reminders, mirrors, teachers and such blessings.  One part of the lesson was while we had grounding/bonding moments, we then returned to a very fast paced lifestyle.  I can see where a family can get swept into a life that really isn’t even their own – conditioned by society/others.  We were all experiencing, regrouping and evolving, step by step, together.

5/9/14  “Could we be sending you to the place where the 2017/2020 babies will be born first (or a bit more of them)?   Where the wave starts… an open minded place… where doula’s already birth babies into the light. And if not, get them ready. Find the hospitals. Find St. Mary’s statue. She (in her form) holds a vibration… she will speak to you.”

6/28/14  “The children will speak to you of what they will need. We are still deciding what spot is best for you. Maybe ask the children where would they like to play… express themselves?”

“Write a book that will be used by others to help raise the generation coming in.  Or… try a youth’s perspective. More music and comic book like.  Be open to their way, their style. Highlight their style, yet make it better – a mix of your wisdom, their examples and questions, as if though their eyes.”

“Teach yourself how to teach these children. You’ve been asking about the future… they are.”

6/30/14  I awoke…early. I’d been sleeping till at least 8 a.m. It was 5:55. I felt writer’s energy. The children were starting to drop the information. Hey… to early (in the morning).  No premature labor, (writing) lol. The information though was about childbirth –  C-sections and contractions. “Childbirth. Less pain if present. Pain is in the mind.”  I think we’re going to start at the beginning since, whoo, I felt the energy of… love and then love making so… from the very beginning. Wow!

“A title… How to help the 2020 generation be the beacons of light and love.” Ahh. “Not all that we have to say will be easy to hear though. Are you okay with this?” I think so. I have a feeling you will give me a perspective of what the world will look like. “And could look like.”

“We will move you where you need to be. Kids like to have fun. Only in joy will you find their words. In ways, you already have the curriculum yet the more you connect with their energy – to help you get to know them… a relationship will form. The biggest part of teaching is listening not lecturing.”

7/9/14  I felt an orb as I was falling asleep. “Hello, my name is Azara, although I might be named Sarah.” Are you one of the 2020 kids? “Yes.” Wow, how cool. I could feel more energy, enough to keep me up most of the night but then sleep took over. As I went to type this the next morning, Zack came to me. But I didn’t hear any more words. Shucks!

7/11/14  “Our moms are strong but they are just 15 now.  15-20… maybe 25. They have had high and low experiences.” Wow, this will make me look at female teens a little different. “Some of the souls are not here yet. And some will come down and back before 2020. Some of those souls will come back to the same family knowing it is too soon.” Wow. “Some will be born to teen mothers.” Ghee, that would make them 9-11 years old now.

“What will the medical/delivery system look like? It’s not so much the mother bonding with the baby, it’s the soul bonding. The soul learns much from the mother.”

7/12/14  I was in Walmart with my significant other and pointed out a young teen and said, she might be a 2020 mom. Then he said to me, oh, like your sons might be a 2020 dad. Oh my, I hadn’t thought of this yet. Earlier in the day a suggestion was coming in a message. “Help teens learn how to find their soul mate. Their soul mate is a vibration and they can bring it into picture form. This might assist them.”

8/3/14 “2090 next big wave… after 2020. To get to 22nd century.” Well, by then the 2020 kids will be 70.

8/8/14  On my drive to the beach, I did receive a message. I was to write about suicide. This surprised me. I was being told the 2020 souls, by the time they reached their teen years would feel the pressure of the world around them and already be ready to return, home. Wow.

(And… what I certainly didn’t know was I’d have my own personal experience/dark night just nine months after this message.  And while I didn’t know it would be this, I was warned I needed to have some experiences so that I’d know and have understanding and compassion.  Boy do I!)

I also noted:  “Once you give birth, you cut the cord… or do you? You are just a vessel. You are to choice you, first.” Hmm, I think I’m still struggling here a bit. “On occasion a heroic gesture is needed, might be part of your divine plan. Putting yourself first is not selfish… it’s soul centered parenting.”

I was taking a breath.  You can read many parenting books, gets lots of advice and some parts of parenting still don’t feel right at times.  It is this dance.  I was also think about tough love verses smothering… gheez, parenting really is co-creating.  It is also simple.  It’s heart centered parenting… and you do the best you can to your knowing at the time.

8/10/14  “A target audience will be the “grandmothers” who are 35-50 now. They will then pass to their (adult) children who will be the mothers of the 2020 souls.” Ahh… so I am to be a Paul Revere of sorts. The 2020 children are coming!


Part four/finale… tomorrow.  🙂


(Picture taken off front porch one late afternoon.  ❤ )

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  2. This is perhaps why I am drawn to K-pop. It is the music the teens are moving towards. In many ways I am still a child. I play the same games and listen to the same music. I just cannot connect with popular American music.

    A new Generation of K-pop Idols are arising, so instead of the artists being somewhere in their early to late 20’s. The new artists are 16 to 20, and you can see the youth on their face.

    K-pop has already been divided into Generations. They are just starting the groups of the Fifth Generation.

    Here is a group that debuted just a few days ago. They look so young.

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  4. Imagine my surprise when I read the part of your post about the child saying her name is Azara, but may be named Sarah. Several years ago I heard the name Azaria, no other information, just that name. Several years ago I was guided to read a couple of books by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, The Children of Now. Thank you for sharing these posts.

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