Rays of Light, Part 4


While this might be one of the main reasons I started this blog… this blog has become so much more.  Really I had to be reminded by Spirit to go back and bring these forth.  It does show though that everything you do, each step has a purpose, time and place.  The comments and support have been so felt – know this.  For whatever reason, at first, I was feeling a bit vulnerable placing all of this online.  Wondering if it would resonate with anyone else or, was it just me?  So this is the last of the messages I received and some additional thoughts at the end.  Thank you for reading.  ❤


I’ll also tag here part  12,  3 …  And know this is just a sharing a perspective (verses truth) as there are many.

9/7/14  “2020 souls. One from 9/11, one from Moore, Oklahoma (tornado), one from Columbaria (school shooting). These souls will see things differently, look into their eyes… they are the rays of light.”

9/14/14  The 2020 generation will be described as… Bold.  And yes… some of these souls have been waiting a long time to come in on this wave.”

9/16/14  “A child cries… a colicie” baby remembers… they already miss home.  Hold them… love them… tell them it will be all right… (light).”

9/22/14  As I crossed the sand dune, my son’s higher self was with me.  This message was very much of a surprise to me.  I will say that I love channeling higher-self.  The wisdom/perspective has helped every time.

“Hi mom. I was sent in early… there are a few of us here now… not many. We are sending information to the 2020 souls. It is harder here than I thought and than they realize.”

“There is something in me that is so big and I don’t know how to get it out… how to get to… it.”  I could feel a range of emotions swirling in me.  I so loved my son and at this moment, I teared up.  I just wanted to turn around and run to him yet, he was in school and I told myself to stay with the message.  I asked, how can I help you?  “Be with me… learn from me.  I am here for a reason.”  I paused, I could feel the energy with that last sentence.  Wow, all children are… here for a reason. Really, we all are.  “I am trying to get somewhere… I am driven. There is a force within me.”  Oh I can feel it.

“Start at the end.  What will time look like?  The future.  What is your goal?  None of your drama. This is about us. We waited till now for a reason.  I need you.  Our job is to love one another.  This must be first and foremost.  Time doesn’t matter.  Our love does.”  I was again tearing up.  I was feeling the bond of love that we had.  “We made this agreement and to not rush.  I wanted the honor of being… your son.”  Can I just add here that when one channels, you often feel the message.  That last sentence was sent with emphasis.  I was almost brought to my knees.  So please know that if you are a parent, the same applies for you.

“We learn from each other’s stories… please also listen to mine. To rush to me before I am ready is a waste… be… calm knowing.”

“Parents don’t realize we (children) often do meditate. We just don’t call it that. We are often sent to our room and use this time to connect to our source.  A retreat of sorts when you adults don’t understand us (don’t remember what to do).”

“Mom, I will be born again and again to you. Let’s have fun with this.”

I was pretty sure that the message was done.  In a way, I wanted a longer message just to have more time with him/this energy.  I walked quietly for several minutes grateful for this moment.  To think that all parents can access this… wow, what a gift that would be.

9/23/14  During this time, I was in a unique situation and was telling the Universe I needed some privacy yet also wish to be around people who understand me; to be in a higher energy.  In some ways I was feeling, smothered!

“Ahhh!!  How you feel is how the 2020 children will often feel.  Now you know.”  Wow and yikes.

“Listen to what the souls will say.  You don’t trust me.  Let me be.  I don’t speak… tell you what I think because you wouldn’t understand.  Let me sleep, I need it.  Let me cook and clean my way.  I’m tired of talking about the same things, your stories, I wish to be inspired.  I wish to speak of positive things.  Sometimes I need to talk and sometimes I need space… lots of space.  OMG, get me out of here!” 

Wait.  I heard the tone. It was not of me but I think I’ve said or thought just about every one of those statements recently. “Hmm… You needed to experience this to feel this to know this… to teach this.  You have forgotten what it is like to be a youth. You have forgotten what it is like to be a free soul. The youths will feel just as you do now (about ready to explode). You, now as a parent, an adult impose your wisdom… which is really just all your fears.  Teach what we have taught you. Remember how hard this year was – evolving under pressure.”  Wow.  “Get to your real wisdom.”

9/30/14 “We don’t need school. We don’t need to be taught. It’s not our truth anyways. Past history will only interest us if you can relate it to our past lives. We don’t think… past. Don’t stall us, jumpstart us. We want to talk, do… future… discoveries, cures. We are interested in medical, electronics, technology and even political reform. We want more outdoor studies… outdoor classrooms. Some will wish to be homeschooled if they feel their parents understand them (rooted and grounded).  Others will like the crowd of school and thrive. But for some it is just an escape… a hiding place and this might not serve us well.”

“We also do not think, money.  Money does not motivate us.  We think solutions so please don’t tell us it can’t be done or that it would not be cost prohibitive.”

There was a pause as I thought of their words. I then asked, what about religion?  “Of love, one love.”

I thought of a day in the life of a child. They awake, eat, dress, go to school, sports practice or play, shower…  “We want to help.  Let us help… you.”  Okay… well… what… where is best for the 2020 souls to come through (me)?  “Thanks for asking but that is up to you. They will speak to you anywhere. They want you happy and able to receive.”

I chuckled as later that evening, Happy Gilmore just happened to be on the TV.  Yes, go to your happy place.  Earlier I’d received references that location might matter but now, during this time, it didn’t seem as important as just being, happy.  To be on their vibration.

10/4/14  “We are bold, brave. We believe in being… balance, boundaries… and beauty.”

10/6/14  “We will often feel alone. We will need to find our kind. We strive to be re-united.  Allow us to, feel… life.  Teach (remind) us to pull from other dimensions. Parents will be in awe yet can learn from us.  Be awed by our natural gift, knowing, please give us that respect. We will not always know what to look for.  It’s not in a mall. Take us to nature, teachers, places that will speak to us, to get our higher thoughts. We come loaded with knowledge, help us access our knowledge. Will this be the first generation of parents and children learning together?  We hope so. Your soul is tending to them now… filling a (mothering) void.”   Wow… you seem to want them born to families/homes that would know, understand and support them. This seems a bit overwhelming… while there are more people awakening… “It’s a process.”

10/12/14  “Wisdom through the eyes of the 2020 souls (chapter title). Really what you write is for all souls.  It will help many.”

10/16/14  “What we need is so simple. Love… Light (connection to the Universe, our earthly soul group, daylight/sun)… Sleep, rest, meditation… good nutrition… exercise.  It’s so simple yet you will need to write a book on it. We are coming in eager and happy.”

10/23/14  “We will all look different. No sense in describing us. We are not a type or fall into a category. It’s what’s inside of us.  Allow us to be ourselves. Hear us. Really listen. Play with us. Play all… day with us.”

10/27/14  “We would like parents to know…  Please don’t tell us what to do. Like what our future should be (go to this college, take this job). Please, we see what your life looks like. We want you to fix your own life verses pushing your wants (and living vicariously through us).”  Wow!

“Ask… what does it feel like in our bodies… in our mind?”

“School… we could go on and on about this. Often we will just daydream or… get a detention. We will not always be understood.”

“Fun is where you find our connection. Have fun. Seek out fun.”

“Binaural beats and electronic music… uses both parts of the brain… wakes up the brain.”

“You are to give ideas… not the details. Inspire and then allow others to create.”

10/29/14  “Zany… wacky… wild. We want to take risks. Let us. Our angels protect us.”

“Cut the umbilical cord but not our cord to the Universe. It’s our universal cord.”

“Keep our bodies light… buoyant. Not heavy with fear. We are open, allow life to flow through us. Here though we will, with each day, start to feel… heavy.  More our bodies than our soul. It happens so slowly and gradually we don’t even realize.”  Wow – I think that happened to many of us.

10/30/14  “Women… petty… gossip… tearing down… jealous. We are not like this.”

11/13/14  “We need peace. We strive for peace. We will shine through at a dark time. That’s what sets us apart.”

And you know how some stories have a cliff hanger?  Well.. this one does, too.  I typed on 12/7/14 that I received a message and to see my notebook.  Why did I not type it?  There was something in it that I didn’t understand or was causing me hesitation/doubt… which is rare.  I wanted to give it a bit of time and space so that I could type it up once I was, clear.  I did note it tied into why the 2020 souls were so needed here on Earth and their healing role. Yes, we could make lists of reasons why (just look around now) but often a channeled message gives a different perspective.  So I keep all of my notebooks and then realized just how many I have – yikes!  And I couldn’t find this message.  What?  As if a notebook is missing – hmm – or out of sight for a reason.  Maybe we’ve dropped that timeline or… maybe it’s for another to relay.

While there had been times where days/weeks/months might have separated the messages, the 2020 messages basically stopped then at the end of 2014.  Sometimes messages come in on open portals/certain waves.  Spirit then started talking with me on other issues.  Often in this journey you do let go and move on and, I did.  And I changed… a lot.  I was better for each message I received.

I did have intentions of writing a book.  In the lulls, I made random notes on possible chapters:

  • A Family Approach to Spiritual Living and Loving
  • Parenting – A village concept
  • Children of divorce
  • Pain… and fear
  • Creation, birthed as twins, triplets, stages/ages
  • Past-lives, remembrance, children as soul mates, etc.
  • Nutrition
  • Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll
  • Suicide

Notice that these are not super woo woo/spiritual words; very 3D – real and practical.  🙂

And honestly I forgot that at one point I even created a loose/basic 12 week program for parents and children.  I was not called upon at that time though to teach it.  Our mind/ego doesn’t understand that at times we are called upon to do something that will assist us in another time/space.

I’d also find information on hybrid children.  A bit of it resonated yet not all of it.  Honestly, there are so many ways to get these reminders/messages across.  Maybe it’s not even about 2020… maybe it’s about right NOW.  These messages can apply right now to our relationships with children and others.

I thank you for reading along, your comments, too.  And feel free to reach out (email/messenger) if you have additional questions.

Much love and here’s to our future.  It is… bright.


And wow… on 8/20/16 I read/watched this:  http://upliftconnect.com/13-year-old-physicist/    Max Loughan also has a  YouTube channel.



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20 comments on “Rays of Light, Part 4

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  2. Thank you for steering me to these posts. The messages most definitely resonate with me. Raising my son has been quite an adventure, and in seeking help for him, I ended up waking up (after my first Reiki attunement). When he was 14 mos. old I was introduced to a parenting philosophy called Positive Discipline (which actually does not advocate punishment- their use of the word discipline means teach). With his having Sensory Processing Disorder, I always understood to help him regulate his brain, before teaching him. I discovered Dr. Shefali’s parenting about a year or so ago, and it’s wonderful. I’ve been told that in past lives, my son has been mother to me, and this time around we switched it up. Our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, and of course, lots of love (and regular hugs). I can’t wait to see what he’s up to when he gets into his 20’s and 30’s.

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    • Thank you for reading them!! I used to teach positive discipline. It was a perfect job as I was a new mom. I have so many stories from when my children were young and well, even now and I’m sure you do, too. Thank you for sharing… ❤

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  4. Reblogged this on Angel Frequency and commented:
    When we listen this is the message from each other (as we are all children) Thank you Molly for trusting to come forward with this post (in this now) as we are reaching the Halo children as we are AWAKE. Divine pure love to ALL as we communicate with our hearts in this now. Giving each other the SPACE to be in the VOID, using heart language that is mostly telepathic tone frequency’s.We are ONE. REMEMBER to hug when you can cry when you feel it and honor all who have chosen to be here in this amazing passage of heart connection; So very blessed. Heart to heart Robyn.

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  5. Ok this last part were similar messages I was getting on the 10th. downloading in the divine holy matrix… heart language codes to assist these children. This is going on both blogs Angel frequency and Conscious Evolution. Your share is the opening for all to share Thank you Molly! Heart to Heart Robyn we can trust our heart opening 100 percent now ! Yippie!

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