Dream Sharing


Dreams = Help.  Haha, I’m going to come up with my own form of word math.

While I’ve seemed to start several posts… now is the time to keep this simple.  A lot is going on energetically (I feel like I’ve been saying this often these past few months) and many are feeling it.  It manifests in so many ways.  If you’re floating, know that you are doing important work.  I am know.. now understanding this more.  🙂  For now though, I’m just going to share two dreams that seem to tie into some of this energy.

While the (your) dream is for the dreamer (you), when you share, also know that reminders/messages for others are also there.  That’s how detailed and planned out this journey is.  It is all interwoven.

One night I dreamed that I parked in a moon lit parking lot. I then sat in the middle of my “vehicle”.  I knew I was close to the ocean yet I wasn’t sure why I was there.  Then I watched as a tsunami like wave rolled in.  As it met the beach and retreated, runners emerged from the water and there were many.  At first the mass of people seemed a bit overwhelming yet then I could see it was a joyful stampede.  I was told to remain calm and stay in the center of my vehicle/protection.  I then watched as many ran passed, often brushing the vehicle yet no one was hurt.  Symbolic?  Yes.  A new wave is awakening and coming ashore and we will brush/touch many.  Stay calm, centered and know.  A random afterthought was, I might want to get out of my vehicle and run with them – it seemed like fun.  I am sure there will be a time and place.  In the dream, I seemed to just observe – ahh, a lesson here.  So for now could our job be to just anchoring this?  🙂

The next night I dreamed of Noah’s Ark.  A few years ago I had an experience that was intense for me.  I was taken to the parting of the Red Sea and saw it through Moses’ eyes.  It did seem to really happen.  It came with a lesson but a story for another time.  Now, in this dream state, the dream was implying (for me) that Noah’s Ark was very symbolic and THE journey.  You are told to prepare (have a vision).  You then spend years gathering and preparing.  It is a lot of work and you have to use the resources that are provided.  You make sure, two by two, all of creation (male and female aspects, light and dark, etc.) are represented on your vessel.  Then a time comes… a great flood and you are moved.  You then find land again and start, having everything that’s need.  Symbolic?  Absolutely!

So I will write more when I can.  Love and light to you.


Pictures found online: Waves by Moon Light Ocean scene Beach by ArtByDebHanley

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