Hmm… this lion’s gate energy doesn’t seem to be done.  For me it did come in like a lamb, days of bliss and now we seem to be roaring.  And what seems to be needed?  Well… just sharing a perspective.  Courage though seems to be the word.  While I usually encourage being open, honoring your process and doing what you love, now some courage/trust/standing your ground and a BIG exhale seems to also be needed.

Awakening, Ascending, Anchoring, Activating, Embodiment…and I could also use so many other words.  Can we just say, oh my!  All of this energy is stirring, no tigers or bears needed.  While I now have numerous posts started with what feels like important messages/experiences/updates … in this moment, I know they can wait.  There will always be a next step/story/words of inspiration in this journey.  So what does feel important now is just being real.

Many of use were advised/warned months ago of the incoming energy and that it would increase.  And those rest intervals that we once felt, well, now they’ve gone from weeks to what seems like a moment.  By now many don’t even remember where the cave is/was (or we’d might go back in).  While many are having and living a normal life, others are awakening.  There are many ways to yet it also seems to fall into two categories.   It can come disguise in times of crisis or an angelic/spirit/out of body/this world  way.  When Spirit reaches out at your moment of awakening, it is anything but subtle. They tried and played in the more subtle ways for some time and now… this is your Wake Up Call.  It can be so jolting, it can cause alarm.

For the ones who have been awoken/awakening/ascending for years now, you are just doing this process again yet in a whole new way.  And let’s be real… while it’s Divine, it’s also really, really hard at times.

It’s hard on our mind, our heart, our body – literally from head to toe.

It pushes up emotions and we have moments where we feel anything but… zen.

It can also be hard on our family, friends and impacts our everyday life.

And it is supposed to do all of this.  If it was easy… everybody would be doing it.  This is the moment we choose and this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Exhale and cut yourself some slack.  You’re doing great!

One of the issues you may feel is that no one is going through what you are going through right now.  We often have to have experiences that others are not to live to tell the story.  We are being birthed again. Having to fit through a very narrow passage way.  Going to the light.  The more you RELAX… the easier this will be.  You have done this thousands of time before but, I know it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier now.  We seem to forget this part each and every time.

You are not a cowardly lion… nor do you need to roar.  Be gentle.  Take care of yourself.  You are a Master and you came here to master this experience and your life.  Well… you already have.  Be proud at how far you have come in your journey.  Know that a lot is going on.  Remember your nature and be… ease and grace.  Spirit filled.  Ebb and flow.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Breathe.  Have courage to life the life that is yours.  Have courage to be… you 🙂  ❤

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