Haha… A-ha… Same thing


It’s interesting to know what you normally see, day in and day out, and then when there’s a change.  This morning it was simple yet profound as I glanced down a long road.  The end of the road glowed.  Sparkled.  It was this perfect alignment of the clouds and sun.  Ahh – there is light at the end (and it’s within sight)… but of course!

It does feel like there’s more going on than I have time to write about.  The goal here is not to keep up.  So much does need to fall to the wayside… or for another time.

Last night I could feel an energy dip.  Actually I’ve been feeling them for months but didn’t understand them completely.  They are times to give self-care/release and at some point you may realize it’s more than you – so don’t take them personal.  You are feeling your larger soul group.  It’s a good time to call/message/check on a friend or family member or send love and light to the collective.  To be an alchemist/energy changer.  I’ve often felt them from 6-8 p.m. and I’ve called this the parenting rush hour – getting dinner ready, homework checked, baths, ready for the next day, etc.  No wonder everyone is so tired.  And often on Sunday evening, many already have Monday blues.  Share joy (it can be quick and simple) if you can.

My ears have been ringing often.  New energy/guides coming in/waking up/connecting.  I awoke one morning with a wisdom tooth pounding – ahh… wisdom.  And what is going on with my spine??  🙂  Oh isn’t this awakening fun?

I had a day where I felt Spirit was communicating to me through a very simple form of light language in my home.  I was seeing several different reflections that I hadn’t seen before.  Spirit will try in so many ways to get our attention.  They see what causes us to pause.  Trust that they like to play.

One evening as the sun was setting, it was casting a shadow on a wooded section.  It made the greenery look orange/brown.  Fall is coming.  A time to reap what we have sown.  For now though, let’s enjoy the summer and practice what we peach… pun intended.  I’ve been realizing just how many a-ha’s I can have from laughter.  I went to type, haha yet missed the h… bingo!  Laughter is the best kind of awakening!!

Motivation and what would motivate you seems to be a theme.  Many of us have a dream/desire and some effort on our part is needed.  Get the energy stirring and know that the Universe will also assist.

Another sign/theme I am seeing:  Receiving something before it’s been processed.  Or receiving before there is proof.  As if it skips a step/comes early/a bit out of traditional order.  🙂

When channeling started for me, I often received messages in rhymes and was encouraged to look at words, number, signs and even life, backwards.   I’d come to find out that much of this process is indeed backwards.  Often we ask a question yet hear no response.  It’s as if Spirit doesn’t wish to discuss the issue yet this is not true.  In time and when you are ready, they will discuss anything.  The message we do need is there waiting.  At times we just need to be a good listener.  My guides often told a story and then at the end… viola… there was indeed an answer to a question I’d been asking.

I had a dream that I was discussing, holding space; being asked, what is it?  While I’ve written on this and have seen well written pieces on the topic, let’s just say that it’s an energy of intention and love.  Just cup your hands and hold it… or just feel it (whatever issue you are working/praying on) in your heart.  It’s often when an issue is bigger than you and you know that it needs some time, space and the Universes assistance.  Right now though, I also believe many of us are just being asked to hold space for calmness, stillness and peace.

And I’ve gotten my sign… another energy load is incoming.  Well, it’s here.  I feel it.  We don’t have to keep up… just do the best you can.  Are we having fun yet??  I hope so.

7 comments on “Haha… A-ha… Same thing

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  2. Yesterday was a day of clarity and information. And I was just having lunch with a friend on Saturday and we were discussing motivation. Pain in my teeth on the left side Saturday and Sunday, phew, it felt like I had bitten down on a piece of aluminum foil. Receiving signs to be gentle with myself. What a ride!

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    • I sooo appreciate your comments! Some of the symptoms have arisen with a bit of force (for me) yet they then seem to be gone hours later. What a work-out and recover and…


  3. The full moon energy is already coming in. It is a partial eclipse so very powerful. I couldn’t sleep last night after sleeping very deeply every night for over a week.

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