Have Faith


Those are the words I come to.  Things are not as they appear at the moment.  Much is still shifting so take a breath, have faith and let’s see how some things play out in our reality.

Trust that at some point a drafts folder housekeeping is coming.  I feel like I’ve started many (and they seem to be a variety) yet life is happening and it is multidimensional.  So they probably wont be in real time order as I usually write and post.  How fitting because this also seems to parallel the energy.  It’s as if, what is real time anymore – things are shifting and changing quickly.  It is all happening, now.  For some, we’ve been practicing this in spirts.  Yet it does seem to become a way of life and it’s not like your former life and might not be like anything you can reference or read.  You just experience it and become it.  There will be moments though that you settle into what got you this far, your life and honoring the traditional spiritual teachings/ways, yet there are more moments where you are just winging it… and it’s all good.

There will also be moments of tests.  We need to continue to grow/expand/evolve.

There will be moments you must rest.  Ascending can be hard on a human body.

There will be moments where you are at your best.  Your Mastery.  Smile.

It’s as if one minute you are anchoring, another energetically working, another clearing yet another issue, you see a sign and then bam, it’s in your reality, add a few dreams, oh wait… more letting go, yet then remembering who you really are and saying hell no… I want this or that and you then find the way.  Ahh… You find the way in calmness and stillness.  You have to make time for this because the Universe is sending it.  It’s as if all of the steps are available now and we get to choose.

I mentioned the song Fast Car a few posts ago.  The song came back to my attention.  To me this song’s theme is striving for freedom and bliss yet also moving problems around in an attempt to find, it.  Will it ever just be the freedom and bliss?  Well, the Universe doesn’t want you moving problems around.  Resolve what you can now.  Be free… light.  And yes, we are all doing the best we can in our own way.  Settle into your knowing and you might just realize you don’t have as many problems as you thought.

If you’ve been doing your work for a while, you can often see the illusion.  Yet at times when the illusion happens to you… ha!  Remind yourself you set it up this way.  Step back and look at it from a higher place.  Which timeline are you playing in?  Choice to wake up (at any given moment) in the reality you wish to experience.  Even if this means you need to do a bit of work to have the experience you desire.

I’ve found that once you see/learn/graduate from the lesson, the illusion changes and, it can change significantly.  It can take several days of being patient.  It’s as if you have to calm down and clear the issue in your mind, then body and be open to the truth surfacing.  It can clear karma and create new realities.

I’ll also share a moment I had.  I could see why we have so many similar lives.  When it’s all said and done… we loved every minute of it and often ask to have the experience again… if just to savor some of the moments a bit longer.  To try them out again knowing/remembering a bit more.  At times, we do love, time.

So enough for now and I thank you for reading.  Sending my love.


4 comments on “Have Faith

  1. I was just thinking today that I wish those around me could just calm down. There seems to be this frazzled feeling in the air coming from others. Finding my center has been a challenge recently.

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    • Mantra: Keep calm and swim on. We seem to be seeing and feeling everything. It was a bit intense for me a week or two ago but then I shifted (thank goodness) and now easier… not perfect, lol. I find myself saying let go often, noticing moments that I’d normally assist yet now need to just breathe for all. Saying in humor only: Not my circus, not my monkey’s. I know at the end of the day I did the best I could and we all are as we are running literally these multiple realities. Wild!

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