Spirit is Easy!


A wise friend once said to me, Spirit is easy, everything else… not so f* much.  I let out a laugh.  These were just the words I needed to hear at the time and boy do they sure to apply now.  Full Moon’s will bring much, to light.

I’ve noticed in life there are times when an ending is near yet it seems to be a human instinct to hold on ever tighter.  Stop… breathe… know.  When in doubt, let go.  Let go in LOVE.  Nothing real can be threatened or taken from you.   Relax.  What is real and true will remain.

If you are working on an issue and feel that no sign/dream/message has been provided… No answer is an answer.


This phrase used to frustrate me, like what does that mean?

This is a moment where you can use your free will.  Often though we are to use our free will as knowing verses doing.  Knowing to remain calm and swim on.  Float and flow.  To be ease and grace.


Times where we feel we have to make a decision or some drastic change… could it be a time of do no thing.  It’s is an art.  It takes lot of practice.  Think, what would Spirit do?  Remember Spirit is simple.  Taking this small pause can save you from what could be a lot of work and energy.  Your energy is special, precious and a gift.  Use it wisely.

On occasion I’ve heard large booms/echo’s in my area and have mentioned them from time to time in my writing.  I am sure there is some logical explanation yet they do not seem to be tied to weather.  They have been my sign that whatever you were working on… it has collapsed.  It is done and gone.  Now, you can invite it back in or continue to play with it… but seriously, I think you are done.

There are no problems… just solutions.  Open your heart and mind to what you haven’t been able to see.  Free up some space.  It’s Divine… and waiting for you.  Trust, breathe and receive.

I took the above picture one afternoon as I was glancing at the sky.  I’d never seen heart shaped clouds until this year.  Now I see them all the time.  Find your own heart… in the clouds.  Be reminded.  Did you just see the words the first time… or did you also see the heart?


This is how Spirit works.  Spirit is subtle yet reminding us.  It’s all about what you focus on.  What captures your attention.

Choose to have, peace of mind.  What you have been waiting for is… here and now.  I ❤ you.

2 comments on “Spirit is Easy!

  1. For a few years now, I have been using the phrase, “let go sooner.” When I am holding on to something, it helps.
    Sometimes I see heart shaped clouds and sometimes I see blue sky shaped as a heart surrounded by clouds.
    Have a wonderful weekend Molly.
    Peace and Love

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