You are blessed!


My internet connection had been a bit slower so I called the service provider. I can be old school at times remembering life with no internet – I will survive.  I also know when it slows down or goes out, it’s for a reason/reminder.  So as I talked to the tech, she pulled my account and apologized for me not having service at all yesterday.  Well…  I had it all day.  She then insisted that my specific area had none (the hub was down).  She seemed amazed yet then joyful and repeatedly said, “How blessed are you.”  I started laughing.  This phone call had nothing to do with my internet speed.  It was about connecting and the reminder.  How blessed are you! 

Notice this is not a question… although you can turn it into one.  We are so blessed yet we often forget this.  And quite symbolic, too. There is nothing wrong with our “connection”.  At times though it or we are a bit slower.  Hmm, is some maintenance/self-care needed?

I’ve been a bit more offline (needing time and space).  This is honoring your process.  Even if for an hour/day, knowing that the outside world can wait.  Giving Spirit (and you) a chance before all others.  My mind has also at times needed a reminder – slow down, breathe.  While I’ve realized just how much one can/does use the internet, it’s about balance.

Then, two nights in a row… power outages here.  Hmm, both times the transformer.  A transformer assists in regulating the energy as it comes in and out… yes, symbolic.  We are being asked to remain calm, centered and knowing… no matter how crazy/busy/intense it is around us.  A challenge…?  It can be.  It can also be so simple.  We can handle any load.  This seems though to be a total grid assessment and any weak spots will now be known.

While my external signs have been busy/fast/more (and surges/blowouts), I’ve mostly been in a state of peace and  b-l-i-s-s.  I’ve been riding these energy waves as they come for some time now and usually when I feel the energy, I just… am.  You do what you can do and at times that’s not much (well, the 3D way).  And time seems to fly by.  Now, some pieces of wisdom are breaking through with the energy.  I am now looking at these floatie moments as anchoring and stabilizing The grid verses just feeling the energy/upgrade/bliss.  You do this both for your personal grid and the collective.  It also anchors our new reality/future.

You feel scattered for a reason because you’re 100+ places at once.  Breaking up old realities and trying new ones out, all at the same time.  You do… walk ahead and pave your own path.

You can anchor a new reality just by getting still… either in meditation or during these energy waves (verses having to struggle/work hard… how many of us have done or were raised to do).  I will say though that I’ve had to get to this place/state of being and… it certainly didn’t happen overnight or even after several (years of) meditation.

I’ve experienced a variety of highs and lows on this journey and can remember the crashes after receiving some higher energy waves.  They are not always fun and can lead to some confusion… yet change.  It is about getting to a place where you still feel/experience both yet you’re stable.  You bring these two worlds/energies together.  They do become one.

I was also reflecting on how fortunate I’ve been to experience Spirt in a variety of ways.  Dreams, whispers, knowing’s, signs and messages.  The signs are there yet years ago I didn’t understand this. My life was slowed down to a crawl to be taught, shown and built back up/reintegrated.  I feel that I used to channel and I guess I still do yet that doesn’t feel like the right word now.  These energy waves seem to assist in waking up knowledge held within us.  So during the wave, you usually don’t receive much – message wise.  Energy wise – yes!  And on occasion you also have divine experiences.  More so though, later, once your body and mind catches up, you know… you do… you experience, create and move forward.  And yes, more of these waves are incoming.  If you are in a lull, it won’t be long 🙂

I was reminded again that Spirit has answered our questions before we even ask.  At times we ask for a sign and have been taught to be patient and give it a few days.  At times we do see one yet really this is more of a synching with the Universe.  Often if you reflect back, you will see that signs were already given.  Much of this journey is about doing things in reverse.

So count your blessings or just, know.  Transformation is happening yet again… and you can handle the load.  Upgrade when and where you need to and allow it to flow!

In love and light.


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  1. Funny, I was asking about getting some kind of sign that the change I need is still at hand. Then I see this. Amazing! Thanks love!

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