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Oh where to start.  The draft folder runneth over, lol.  So let’s start with the random.  I received a message on what I used to call the glam spiritual teachers.  I had this question years ago and now for some reason Spirit wished to talk about it.  I did wonder if a few new ones will be rising up because I’m not even sure if there are any left… well, I guess it’s about perception.  I’ve seen that in order to survive, many teachers have had to go, deeper.  I am also seeing this on many levels – long time healers and teachers are emerging again listing new skills – how cool!  So… I’m just passing along. 

At times when we enter a new energy, a random past question/messages get thrown in the mix.  So when I inquired about this topic, I was clear that my personality (not ego, there’s a difference) was struggling a bit with this style of teacher.  It was apparent they’d manifested large audiences, spot lights, nice clothes, big houses and even lavish trips.  I saw how at times they seemed to boast on it.  Now trust that I know they are a person (not better or worse) and that their words did/do help many.  I even liked some of their inspiration and teaching.  And absolutely yes, you can have abundance and spirituality.  I guess though, I was wondering about those who have real world problems or deep personal pain.  Could they relate… were they drawn to this?  Did this help?  Like how do we help the average folks?  Is inspiration enough?  Talking about manifesting large amounts of money… really this isn’t helping… or is it??

So I now noted:  “It’s just a role that attracts a certain group of followers.  Followers who are still in 3D where money, fame and fortune are the motivators and seem like the answer. They will listen and hope for that.  It can raise their energy.”

Well… temporally?  Many have tried for years with no personal manifesting (large amounts of money) success.  “The hope was that in their own process, they would let go of the 3D ways and find their own inner knowing.”  Ahh… so a why so many are still struggling.  Money is awesome/a way/gift/exchange but it doesn’t guarantee happiness.  I think for many it’s the beginning of a journey and there are constant invitations to discern/discover, more.  All viewpoints/teaching do help and often one then leads to another.

I then heard:  “When will you feel spiritually successful?”  Wow!  Well… I might just need to write an entire post on that one.  Or… it can be so simple.  Let’s say, I do… right here and now 🙂   You get to decide what success and spirituality means to you.


success-factors   definition-of-success


And… more random… so just adding this here.  Honestly I’m not sure what I think of this. Well… I think it’s interesting, great… yet I also like to keep things simple.  MUSE – A meditation assistance device. So just sharing.  Maybe more so… to encourage you to think what would assist other’s in their spiritual journey.   Could you be a future spiritual entrepreneur??  A-ha…

Our cups are running over… with love, gratitude and ideas.  Let’s enjoy being spiritually supported and successful.


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6 comments on “Spiritually Successful

  1. I had a few spirtual gurus that I really liked and followed until the low frequency days hit and there was no information on how to handle it. No relatable stories, no indication that things were ever anything but sunny. What I was looking for truly was Not $ attracting ability but practical help on how to change my life/point of view so that things got better. I think I was just distracted by the rose scented promises lol. I think the new round of guru will have to dig deeper as you’ve said and address the not so pretty parts of ascending.

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    • Perfect! I was hesitant to post this one… felt like I’d already moved on from this question but I still think it’s a good question. I think that wave just gets many to the next set of teachers when the student is ready. I’ve found this journey is about the highs, lows and everything in-between. Thanks so much for commenting. ❤ Have an awesome day!!

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  2. Thee art cup doth runneth over today. I am Successful in many ways. Today I created art to be proud of. I am a very Creative Soul. Ideas, writing, art, some would even say music, all runneth over in me. The trick to all these things is not to push it. When the writing doth flow, flow with the words. When the art doth flow, flow with the paint. When the music doth flow, be captured in sound.

    My Ideas Floweth with ‘Idea’ls. The Ideal of a world where more of those who runneth over in the Creative feel Success. Why must the big numbers ($) be mainly reserved for those who floweth in the numbers (Engineers, etc.) While those who doth not floweth in the numbers have trouble finding any numbers in their bank account.

    So I will take my Idea(l)s and Create them for I am Creative. You are not really Creative without the power to Create.

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