Tribe… there is some funky, as in something is off or in a funk, energy in the air.  While this might not sound inspirational, once I finally said it, I did feel better.  I started to laugh.  I started to feel it last night and while I woke up optimistic, peppy and ready… a bit of it is still there.  Many are releasing so that they can feel/bring in this next wave of energy.  I guess this is better than sad or angry.  Oh the growth and times of uncertainty of this journey.  Really this is just a moment yet, hmm… what to do with this…?  Well,  interesting…  fun_k.  I think the answer is in the word.  I’m choosing the fun aspect of it. 

Let’s turn this into cool funk.  Sing it Bruno Mars.  Work or dance it out!  Let’s get funky.  Yes, it can be that easy, if just for a moment.  Don’t believe me just watch…    Will write more later.  Have a great day and I ❤ you!



6 comments on “Funk

  1. I think we work as a Team. A while ago I was processing emotion, and now I had a good day. The flow returned. So I guess I handed to torch of Funk over, and after you have handled as much as you can, you will pass it along. The torch is always going around, and each of us runs the race while we hold it. Each of us rests in between. Yet, we are not all carrying the torch at the same time. We need time to cheer the runners on after all.

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  2. I’ve been feeling it too! The last few days. Or it could be that I was in a class Thurs night and picked up someone’s negative energy. I did some meditation today to cut any energy cords and clear my energy. And you’re so right — “fun” makes up the word funk! I never realized that. ❤

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    • It’s great to hear from you! Thank you 🙂 Letting go is the (my) theme/message till the end of the month… so yes, this would included clearing our field/energy. Constantly recycling… love! Hugs and well wishes.

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