Let’s get this baby off the ground!


Sharing a dream… and well, the dream dictionaries I found didn’t have this one noted/covered.

I am walking into a birthing center. I think I’m pregnant. I walk into the room to see an empty hospital bed but then I glance to the floor and see a large blanket and my ex on the floor. He has just given birth to a baby. I am confused now realizing I don’t need to give birth yet also wondering why didn’t he wait… and seriously why is he on the floor?  For some reason a male having a baby didn’t even seem odd… hmm.

I knew this dream was a riddle and held symbolism.  I actually needed a nap/another sleep cycle and awoke with clarity.

The past, is in the past. Now, do the opposite of what one thinks to get “this”/baby off the ground.  And a “baby” comes when it’s ready – does not wait.  Trust that it knows the moment to be birthed.  And male energy is the doer/action.

Choose to be a Master incarnate… born.  🙂  ❤



(pictures found online)

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