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At times I write to the best of my understand about my light body process.  Several times in the past 15 months or so I’ve had an experience that seems to fall into this category.  Spirit seems to only provide a few words and I often have to then do some homework to better understand.  My mind wants to understand.  Then I share, knowing that it’s just a perspective and a part of my overall experience. 

I usually note that I have total amnesia on this process this lifetime where other parts I seem to know or receive very clear messages on.  These experiences just happen, I allow, note them and move on – forever changing.  I am okay with not knowing all the details because I understand that at this time I’m not to be the lightbody expert scribe/messenger.  (So sorry if you are reading hoping for detailed answers but I do hope you keep reading and articles noted at end might assist more.)  I am blessed with all that I do receive and share.

I guess I should have known.  Just when I feel I am knowing, flowing and moving along… bam… I find myself in unchartered waters… again.  I try to use the tools I have yet, I find that they don’t work and I turn inward to be advised.

With the full moon, a few personal things came to light.  I was ready to, see.  I made a choice.  I  didn’t panic.  I relaxed.  I prayed.  I meditated.  I allowed stillness and peace – holding space.  The Universe knows… me and what I’m ready for.

I was asking for some guidance/the next step and what I didn’t realize was I needed an upgrade first.  One could say, seriously??  because I’ve been upgrading and changing for years now.  I was also a bit confused since I’ve often been guided by Spirit and/or other teachers for several years now.  I usually know when an upgrade or stage is coming yet this one seemed to be personal and not necessarily in synch with another/larger group.  I felt like I had no reference.  I know of the next set of energy waves that are incoming and was looking forward to what is to unfolded.  But first… I am to honor my now.  And, this is also where we step into our mastery.  We’ve been doing this for a while… in moments.  Yet… when Spirit gets quiet and your teachers step to the side… how and what are you going to do?  Well… you can’t go back to sleep.

Well, I had a night of growing pains (but gheez already written on that so I didn’t need to share again), a night of feeling the random yet uncertain energy (none of it made sense so I knew to wait), and feeling very removed during the day as if my energy was busy in another place.  I have so enjoyed blogging a variety of updates yet now none of those usual ways/inspiration flowed.  I knew I was in a process of endings/letting go.  I have, in the past, written/warned I might not continue to publically write (because these moments feel both, big and like a significant ending/change is happening… and it is).  Yet now I seem to also better understand.  Really this is just a moment.

Then I had a busy night – dream and energy wise.  Yet, I awoke feeling ill and craving more sleep.  All I could do was honor and self-care.  I will say that I look at illness (it is not) completely different now.

Lisa Brown often writes in her own way of ascending/light body process and there are many others.  And now I was finding Betsy Rabyor:  I was grateful to read and in gratitude reference.  Much of the information resonated yet not all.  I often have this experience and know it is for a reason.  We each came forth to have our own unique experience.  While messaging a wise fellow blogger/wayshower :),  I was thinking, in some ways we’re all having the same experience yet there are just so many ways to have these experiences.  And this is what a wayshower does.  They share their experience as a reference.

I will share though that as I continued to read Betsy’s work, for the first time I read something that scared (yet didn’t) me.  I was thinking, nope… I don’t need that experience.  Yet for all I know at this time I might just have had that experience, yet different, in my own unique way.  I was also reading in the comments the criticism for her sharing and she responded in her mastery.  I, too, have at times wondered what do I disclose because not all of the journey is sunshine and roses.  If another read my blog from start to now, they might be saying the same thing.  Some time ago though, Spirit made it clear to me that only those who were ready or needed to know or even to support my journey (thank you) would read.  It was a vibration thing and… I have been so blessed!

So gheez, all these words (sorry) and I haven’t even gotten to the point yet.  Well… it’s a story and process with me and I thank you for reading.  And maybe I have gotten to the point.  As our body upgrades, our human mind doesn’t always understand.

So I had a night of dream after dream.  I seemed to start in a place that was so unrecognizable and then each dream seemed to feel more familiar/I was able to understand (or so I think).  I also felt heat/Kundalini rising – several waves.  That night and the next day a section of my right thigh felt different.  Hmmm… if our body is our house… what information is stored in this area?  Yet really, does it even matter (the minds need to know).

I feel as if I prepared for the fast track awakening all my life – unbeknownst to me.  Then in 2012 – bam!  This has been a process of mental, physical and emotional release.  At no point have I asked/strived for enlightenment but I have asked to be… me.  And so the journey continues to surprise me.

So I will see what unfolds in these new moments.  And I will share since I’ve found whatever it might be, it moves me/us along.  It does though at times seem to require a bit of time, space and patience.

A view of the moon this evening.  Big love to all!


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2 comments on “Light Body Update

  1. Things seem to be moving along so quickly. I am experiencing some great connections and re-connections with people which is awesome. But there has also been some challenging times recently. There are times I feel unfocused and others hyper aware. There are glimpses of and knowings of the way things may go, but also the continued feeling of walking into the unknown. I honor what I need in the moment.

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    • Yup! Each moment is different so this is a perfect description – thank you. We are also seeing/feeling this on so many more levels and ways than before. Oh what an adventure! 🙂 ❤

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