Incoming Energy

I’ve visited the ocean twice this week and it’s mirroring the energy.  A shift in the wind and the currents have been strong.  If you are sensitive, feeling or riding these energy waves, you know that some big ones are here/incoming.  They will be felt in a variety of ways.  All for our assistance.

For some, they will assist in awakening.  For some they will be upgrades (remember self-care).  For some they will be shear bliss or new amazing moments and gifts.  Regardless… Embrace… verses resisting (questioning, trying to make sense of, worrying/wondering if you are okay or is this normal, etc.).

Many are not conscious/aware/feel these waves.  Some wonder or hope to.  In July I felt some that certainly (later) overwhelmed my mind.  So I only offer what has worked for me as a reference.

If the energy gets a bit much, lay down.  Relax… completely.  Allow it to flow.  Breathe.  Even better, sleep if you can.  Have a notepad by your bed to make notes of the dreams/experiences.

If you feel a headache, it’s might be showing you where too much energy has been going.  Pull the energy to your heart.  Open up.  A huge part of this journey is rewiring your brain, balancing the left and right side and then balancing it with your heart.  See where you feel the headache, this might be a clue.  Then again… don’t overthink any of this.  Trust your body and process.

At times it feels as if the energy can’t ground.  You float.  Keep things simple!  You are high… on photonic light.  It is a powerful force.  Love will assist in grounding the energy.  Hug (a really long one) a family member or pet.  Reach out to a friend or tribe member for support.


Drink water.  For many this will be a full body flush.  If you are feeling your teeth – floss, give them some breathing room.

Well, enough for now and I’ll update when I can.  In light and love!

24 comments on “Incoming Energy

  1. ‘If you are feeling your teeth – floss, give them some breathing room’.
    Okay here goes….when I first read this post, I WAS NOT FEELING MY TEETH,but I have before without realizing what may be causing it/disregard it. Today I have been feeling them, and many more “High Energy” feelings! I shared this post with my daughter of 40 years, and she said “Mamma this is crazy, my teeth have been sore, and my co-worker spoke of the same”.
    Why am I posting this? Well because what you are speaking about in this post is SO TRUE, I do however remember that we are all on many different rungs of the ladder, but honestly I am seeing SO MANY in my life showing the MIRACULOUS SIGNS of Accelerated Ascension, it really is crazy for me, as I am SO careful not to fully share what I know, and what I’m experiencing, as NOT TO LOOK LIKE…THIS CHIC HAS LOST HER MARBLES….LOL
    I am not new to this Ascension process, I have experienced a barrage of symptoms for 10 plus years…WOAH! But I’m here to say, this is by far the most intense YET! But it is so interesting, I feel SUCH a sense of PEACE! Well I’m due it for sure, and ALL the many other FORERUNNER’S….What a ride to Heaven On Earth!


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  2. Yay how cool is this!? I thought this question may be best asked on a personal level after I had already posted it, and I do apologize…my hind sight is always “2020”…hmm, interesting after I wrote 2020, I was like….. well you know ;)…LOL
    Thank you for the info., very much appreciated! ❤

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  3. I just discovered your blog today. I live by the southern ocean in Australia. When I woke up this morning the sounds of the ocean carried me into deep meditation. I have had this experience before but never so clearly. I agree that the oceans are carrying waves of light.
    I like what you say about teeth. I have been so aware of mine today. I will go and floss 🙂


    • It’s so nice to connect – truly! I do wonder if I will visit Australia one day. I live close to the ocean but not close enough to hear… or at least not yet. That is a magical experience. Mother nature has so much to teach us. Light, love and happy flossing 🙂

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      • Thanks for your lovely reply. My teeth did feel a bit better after that. They have been feeling weird a lot this year. I hope you make it to Oz some day.


          • Thanks Molly. It is good to talk to someone about this teeth stuff -a lot of people just don’t get it. Are you having the cranial expansion too? My head is changing shape very quickly at the moment. I wonder if the teeth problems are connected to that. I flossed twice yesterday and once already today and it helps. I will go to your post now. Yep – we are definitely in Oz. 🙂

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    • Suzanne, you can also email me at since we’ve been back and forth a bit and wordpress lol won’t let me reply to your last comment – head. I have felt many changes in my head/brain this past 2 years. I can’t say it’s a different size but…
      This process can cause dramatic changes in the body so anything is possible and then our body readjusts. 🙂

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        • I think one of the issues is word choice. We all use different words for what boils down to similar experiences. I found this article and it mentions it a bit.
          Basically, the awakening of the pineal gland/third eye and it is a process! I’ve found that these levels/stages dance back and forth with each other and any stage/experience is awesome! No pressure… this is not a race 🙂 I look forward to talking more. Thank you!


          • Yes. I went and found some articles that mention it including the one you quoted. I’m not worried about it but sometimes wonder what is happening. Talking about it to you yesterday made me look it up and now I understand it more.
            I agree it’s not its not a race and we are all at different places along the path and I agree about moving across various stages/levels quickly and back and forth. The process of awakening of the pineal and also further back in the skull near the base – the medulla oblongata I think it’s called – or the zeal point chakra. As you say – no pressure – except inside my skull sometimes 🙂 It is great to talk to someone about it all, I agree.

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          • Zeal point chakra – wow – I learn something new everyday! Our mind often pushes for an explanation and much of this journey our mind just can’t comprehend… yet. Connecting with others though sure does help and it’s been a delight Suzanne. We were meant to find each other, here 🙂 Better together. ❤ Spirit often references movies and songs for me so this makes me think of Adam Sandler – Water Boy and he screams Medulla Oblongata – signs everywhere and I have to get it light and funny!

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  4. Whoa,whoa, and double Whoa! You are so right on TARGET Miss Molly!!! Thank you SO much for this profound confirmation! Just today I ran across your blog, HARDLY BY MISTAKE!
    I am so grateful for SPIRIT/MY HIGHER SELF for connecting me with beaYOUtiful YOU

    Love and Peaceful Vibes~~~~~>


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    • Awe, Annette, you make me smile. I’m glad this resonated with you. I am glad that we connected. No thing is by mistake. Thank you… be You ful… beautiful ❤


    • Yes! Oh been working with Mercury retrogrades for years now, right along with you and others. I used to so not like these pauses/reviews… add a few cuss words, lol. I am ready to transcend retrogrades! Let’s see how that works… lol. 🙂 ❤

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