A New Dawn

I was sound asleep at 5:55 a.m. when Spirit chimed in.  I felt a wave of the k rising.  I can usually acknowledge and return to sleep but not this morning.  It was as if Spirt was laughing and then I clearly heard this song:

Over and over… drums and all.  Because Spirt was laughing, so was I.  I was now wide awake… early… on a Saturday morning when I’d normally be happily asleep.  So I arose to get water and as I walked into the kitchen, the sun in perfect alignment popped over the horizon.  I just continued to smile.


I AM wake in so many ways and if you are reading, so are you.  And if this is how we start the day… 🙂  Hmm… will moon boots be needed later??

So I sat with the rising sun and thought, Kundalini rising is the sun rising… in us. Then an orangeish dragon fly flew by.  Okay, got it!

Kiddoes’ it’s getting ready to get interesting.  I do think a nap will be taken though.  Honor and enjoy your awakening and life.  Heart open… breathe and receive.

3 comments on “A New Dawn

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  2. Beautiful sunrise pix. I love waking to a song and figuring out what Spirit may have been trying to say. Your dragonfly was a great little exclamation point. I am always up when the sun comes up. We rise together. 🙂

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