Alrighty kiddoes… how is everyone doing?  I’ve had a few busy days and not as much time to journal/write.  In the moments of reflection though, I keep coming to this word – unprecedented.  Never know or done before.  Yup!  This is what many of us are doing. 

If you follow along, you know I write inspiration, messages I receive, and of my personal journey.  All light, love and just a perspective.  While many are writing on the energy wave/portals of late August and September (which is, now), not all with feel this energy.  So there is nothing wrong if you don’t.  If you are drawn to reading such information, continue to read along since all (writing/actions/things) hold a vibration and it’s doing what’s needed for your own unique journey.  Trust the process… your process.

I was reflecting on how several years ago I must have reached the 111% saturation point of, life.  I, like many, had enough of the real world experiences.  Several changes were made yet it was as if I fell of a cliff without a parachute… until I was reminded.  So I did softly land yet this is not always the case.  It can be/seem sudden and with force.  A new life started in a valley and, at times, it seemed very deep.  At first I wasn’t sure if I’d survive.  I had to become a survivalist, use the resources provided and make my own pathways.  This past years has been a walk out of the valley and ascending a new mountain.  Some do choose to stay in the valley and there is nothing wrong with this.  When you get used to the ways, it’s a very safe and special place.  So my walk seems to be returning me to being …  I can’t say, my old self yet I do remember some of these aspects.  Let’s just say returning one to, life.

And… moon boots do seem to be need at times because we are to rise above many things that are happening.  I’ve always been honored when another reblogs a post.  It’s a great way to make new connections.  Interesting though where your work might show up.  Let’s just say some constructive criticism might happen.  In my career days, I welcomed such knowing that it only made me a better employee.  Now… well… thank you for helping me to understand myself even, more.  This is not about pleasing others although that is nice when it happens.  So often no response is even needed.  We came here to save/know our self and be a light and joy to those who wish to be in our energy.  If you find that you need to justify, explain, or even lash out… well… this is also okay.  You’re getting any fear, anger or confusion out of your heart and mind.  As long as you are clear on who you are, all is well.

If you follow along, you know I write in a simple style.  I’ve learned that Spirit is simple.  There are times our minds needs the explanation and our mind and intelligence is a gift.  Intelligence though for me doesn’t always = knowing.  Knowing brings peace and can’t always be explained.  I can’t say that intelligence has brought me such peace.  Several months ago I tried to bridge some spiritual teachings with the science part.  There is just so much we don’t know yet.   So we label what we do know as truth.  I wondered if I could be a pioneer in this area yet quickly found that I had to let go of the analytical/science/making sense.  Future lightworkers though will continue to work on this with more ease or even better come in knowing right from the start.  So I remain humble, knowing and doing to the best of my ability and chosen path.  So are you 🙂

There just seems to be so much available.  Energy wise and real world/life.  I’ve found myself present in most of my actions and also very aware when my heart is not open.  When your heart is open, nothing is seen as a challenge or bad.  And some things won’t even register at all.  You will only understand the language of love.

If it’s quiet for you… you are blessed.  Enjoy the rest.  It won’t be this way for long/ever.  Many are also clearing (the body) right now.  As if the flu season has already started a bit early.  Honor your beautiful/handsome/unique vessel.

The signs I see do ketch my eye.  BIG.  JUMPING.  Also mixed energy.  Light and dark, moving fast.  Some are worrying about good verses bad/dark/evil forces and which will win.  Lol, in my world, all is well.  Relationship and money issues seem to be also stirring.  Take it step by step, moment by moment.  What is placed before you is your step so just do the best that you can.  Spirit is with you.  We also have a ways to go so, no overdoing/thinking.  This is a time of creating solutions verses problems.  Pull in when needed.

So… this is it…  Sing it Kenny Loggins.  Make no mistake who you are!


I will write more when I can.  Thank YOU for reading.  In love, light, service and gratitude.  I ❤ you!


(beautiful pic found online… no mater where you are, a rainbow)

6 comments on “Unprecedented

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  2. Thank you for your beautiful message Molly!
    I’m feeling a bit spacey at the moment, the Energies seem calm, but yet intense!
    I continue to ask the Universe to help me navigate with more ease.

    Much Love and Gratitude for all you so graciously share! 💞💚💞

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    • Awe Annette… thanks – truly! I can feel the energy yet this is just a preview/warm up so you described it perfectly. It’s like prep time because it’s going to get busy here soon enough. So much clearing continues. I LOVE ease, grace and flowing. I have to remind myself at times and (conscious) breath seems to help. I am grateful to you 🙂 ❤


  3. Molly, you always write what I need to hear. These last couple of weeks have been really very intense. And sometimes you need that cheering section to help you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Unprecedented is so true.

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    • Durinda – Big hug! You are amazing. 🙂 Some things have been a bit of a challenge for me… like hmm, how much more of this? And the random that is being added. How can I be an alchemist or at times just… be and trust. We can and will. Somehow the crazy will settle and become clarity and peace. Cheering you on… always. Step by step, here we go… ! In light and love.


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