Abuse = Done!


The issues Spirit works with me on… Wow!  And this is a big one.  Recently I had a light conversation with another.  The abuse word came up.  It was simple for me.  Abuse… of any kind  = Done.  We didn’t come here to be abused and to endure.  You can choose to end that contract, immediately.    Yet…

I didn’t realize how deep this was within… me… really, we/us.  We sure have endured a lot over many lifetimes.  Spirit worked with me in a dream/sleep state for some collective clearing.  Showing me how many types of abuse there is:  Physical, sexual, emotional, mental, financial, and then the general sucking it (life) up.  And I’m sure I’m leaving a few other types out as well.

I often see the moments of jumping timelines and/or clearing of karma both in my awake and sleep state.  I will say though that when it happens in my sleep state, it seems to have a different effect on me.  Each and every time I awake and have to pee like I’ve been holding it for way too long.  Yes, symbolic and a release.

To be honest, yet at this point I would have forgotten, abuse issues was one of the main reasons spirituality appealed to me.  I had questions around this topic and couldn’t find the answers I needed… anywhere.  It’s not always an easy topic to talk about.  Often others can’t truly understand and the issue is held in secrecy.  This is not an issue that is to be held in secrecy though.  One will long for understanding, safety, comfort and peace.  And now, with all these clearings/timeline shifts/quantum jumps/dna changes… this is definitely an issue that holds no place in your/our new reality.

Really, we all have issues.  That’s what we came here to experience.


I know that this topic is no joking matter but I also have to keep this, light.  Humor HEALS.

I, like many, have spent years (decades) working on my personal and unique issues.  It’s not that they need to be filed away and forgotten, they need to be healed/released/transcended.  Journaling, therapy, time and having a new perspective helps.  Often it happened in stages and layers of healing.  So it’s interesting to be where I am at, now… and… to have this surfacing.  It is for our benefit.  While I awoke with tears in my eyes, now as I type, I feel great.  Liberated.  All of the work that we’ve done is making this easier.  This seems to be a very thorough cleanse though.  Who knows what might surface.

Interesting since several weeks ago I had a few old wounds/scars resurface.  I acknowledged and blessed each one and they healed.  Some time ago I did wonder if our wounds, unbeknownst to one, held an aura.  Often they do and another can pick up on this. Anything that is you (stirs or pulses in you), attracts situations and people.  We though want to attract a certain level of situations/people once we’ve evolved from the initial wound/experience.  These types of extreme situations can make way for the light to enter.  We then shine as we offer our experiences/services to another.

When one hears the abuse word, one often thinks of the extreme.  Well, one of the definitions is:  the improper use of something.  Hmm…

If you are a new reader, please know I am not an expert on this topic.  I just offer a perspective.  If you’re in a situation that is not healthy for you… please reach out and get the help/support that you need.  A whole new life is waiting for you.  For now though safety, comfort and peace is paramount.

Thank you for reading.

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