What day is it?  LOL  Time is flying!  This post is a mix of an energy update and the journey (my personal).  So here we go…

I do love it when I start the car and in perfect timing a song starts on the radio… as if cued up by the Universe.  Often it sets the tone (a reminder).  At times, it’s symbolic and answers a question.  Basically though, energy = matching energy/vibration yet often presented in a different way in hopes that we, get it.  Many of us do have an Angel DJ since music does make for a happy life.

So a family member and I were headed out for an “adventure”.  You could say that while we were optimistic, we were also walking into the unknown… so a bit of nerves.  While I am often advised, often not.  Some experience just need to happen.  So as I started the car, this song came on the radio.

To my surprise, we both knew every word and sang along.  This moment was a hopeful new start and we were ready.  While we could have spent the drive time what if ing/worried, we spent it smiling and singing.  Oh these moments of trust.  There was also no sense in planning ahead, we just needed to be present.  Truly, still unwritten.  We humans though can be such good planners!  And I am a Virgo… Virgo’s are Master Planners.  Spirit though often has other plans.  I’ve found that life is what happens when you make plans.

Now, yes, everything has already happened so if your super spiritual you could say, but it has been written.  Well… we have free will and are divine creators.  Each moment is new and we can change the script in any second.  We do have unlimited options (even if we don’t see or feel this).

And this also applies to one of the themes currently running energy wise.  The unknown, uncertain…  unnerving… yet it doesn’t have to be.  Our adventure ended up going very well.  Smooth.  Easy.  Comfortable.  I also know it could have gone another way so I was thankful.  Regardless though we should be thankful since all situations are for our benefit.

Surprises seem to be in the air and it might be the type where you’re not sure if it’s good/what you wanted or… unexpected/not so good.  Well… it’s a choice.  There’s always a silver lining… and possibly a pot of gold – open your heart to this.  Start by thinking ease and comfort… that vibration.

As a writer, I also find this song ideal.  I’ve often shared that I never planned to become a writer and mention this to encourage new writers.  For me, while I took school/college serious, applied myself and did well, it was a bit of a challenge.  I’ve never been a good speller (as many of you overlook this… that’s called love).  While some are born to write and have been scribes in other lives, it became a way for me.  Passion became practice and now I know no other way.

So interesting since throat chakra (as well as several other) clearings seem to be running strong right now.  So find a way to speak your truth.  Assist this clearing.   Write, sing, talk… get it out.  Let it flow. To a lover, friend… or even yourself.  Then don’t be surprised if your ears feel a bit different, too.  Listening is also huge part of this journey.

Many of us where/have been given a preview of what the future would hold yet, now a few surprises are being placed before us.  One might wonder how does this surprise factor in?  What about…?  Only you can decide.  If the decision is easy – bingo!  If you find yourself overthinking – let it go.  If it’s meant to come back, it will.  And more changes are coming… always.  The energy has been soft and gentle and I hope for you, too.  Hmm… the calm before the energy.  It is interesting since there are several storm systems swirling/incoming.  The one closest here seems to stall out for a day and then no longer was a threat.  🙂

So while some have given dates (their amazing gift) with the next power punches/incoming energy, I tend to just see how/when it happens and share as I can. I often beat to my own drum yet we all are connected.  ❤

For some, things might appear to be unwritten at the moment.  Know the joy is in the unfolding.  Stay open.  Trust.  Laugh.  LIVE!  And… Choose your vibration wisely.

4 comments on “Unwritten

  1. Yep time is definitely a flying!! I like how you said “what day is it”..lol
    I, for quite some time now have been waking up almost in a panic, and racking my brain to figure out what day it is/what am I suppose to be doing today……AHHHH the many wonders of THE NEW ENERGY 😜
    This was another great read, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️


    • I, too, have these moments… our multidimensional self working… in another place and time. This ride gets wilder/more interesting 🙂 Then a balancing of no time/limits in a very time oriented world/reality here. And thank YOU for commenting. Sending Big ❤ to ya!


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