Ascended Mastery 101


While this picture is kind of trippy, this is not that kind of post.  This is a very natural and normal process.  Tomorrow is 10/1… so 101 does seem appropriate since school… life is in session.  I chuckle as I start to write this post because this has been an interesting wave indeed.  At least for me.  Soo not like the other two of this year.  But of course!  Just when you master a way…. it changes!  Yesterday felt like a work out of a certain kind/story for another time.  By the end of the day, I was reviewing my notes again.  I know I often mention keeping a notebook like a student.  I AM both a teacher and student of life/Spirit.  Each day can be busy enough that it’s easy to miss/dismiss what seems like a random sign/message/dream/event.  I seemed to find mine in my notes, as I was wondering what class had I signed up for. Continue reading

An interesting wave indeed


Monday flew by!  Tues… well, I was holding space most of the day.  It was a good day yet seemed slow… odd at times.  Hmm… upgrades, clearing…?  Yes… this is a very fluid experience.  I’ve already meditate twice today to get an understanding of the energy I am feeling.  I think a light pep talk may be needed.  So light and love gang… Continue reading

Transparent Vision


I have known for some time that my stronger skill is hearing Spirit.  I do though often see quick visions.  At times in grayscale, others color.  At times they’d be fuzzy yet I’d know.  Only a handful of time in my life though have they lasted more than a few seconds.  In the past year, Spirt has been highlighting certain things so I know to pay attention.  It’s like looking at a line up of items yet one of them has a glow around it.  Continue reading

Feel so alive!

Oh what a wild ride this is!  This was my sunrise this morning.  Spirit filled.  Yesterday I felt like I/we anchored the energy in as the day went on.  Slow, soft, gentle.  I noticed several changes in the sky – amazing hues that made me feel, home (even more so).  It felt like an honor to welcome/preview it verse being caught off guard or slammed by it.  By early evening, I knew it was, here.  It’s back…  Continue reading



On a roll.  I write when it flows.  There was something I needed to surrender today.  Trust that my word choice means something.  Let go = let go.  Literally.  Drop it, slam dunk it, donate it, send it on its way… with a smile.  It can be easy and quick.  Forget about it (with accent).  I do understand at times easier said than done.  Detachment = be neutral.  It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just best to remain very open.  Surrender = S……  something is about to get real up in here, lol.  It is like a knee dropping moment.  It is not defeat.  Far from it.  It is a very divine and special moment.  You came here to have these moments.  Knowing that you have done the absolute best you could and you are to hand it over to Spirit/God/Source/The Universe. Continue reading

Dark Knight of the Soul


If you’re currently in or recently survived a Dark Night, you know it’s worthy of capital letters.  It is a defining experience.  If it’s been a while, you can probably now refer to it as a, dark night (lower case) and might even see the humor/irony in this word play.  You also know that it was a passage and sacred experience.  It needed to happen and served a purpose. Continue reading

The Return


There has definitely been a shift – yah!  Energy in the air yet it hasn’t quite settled yet.  It’s like you now have the energy to do… something… yet your not quite sure what to do.  Well, you can’t go wrong here yet you might just realize to, chill.  We seem to be running brain (rewiring/refiring/refining) energy and you may feel this.  It might be felt as a headache yet it is not.

I wrote this next part a few weeks ago and it does seem to fit now.  So here we go… Continue reading

Yo-yo Energy

Oh the drafts folder is growing again and one day I’ll get to that housekeeping.  The energy the past 24 hours has been… like a yo-yo.  I awoke all out of sorts yet the day/weather was so beautiful it was easy to align to a state of peace.  Yet then, I tried to get a few things done and was wondering if Mercury was still in retrograde.  Well, I know there is a shadow period.  There seems to be a lot of incongruent energy running.  We’re coming in for a landing and for some it might be felt as a bumpy ride. Continue reading

Blue Skies


This will be short kiddoes’ since life is happening… (always).  While my mind is whirling with a variety of topics to discuss, I’m just picking one as a reminder.  As I drove yesterday, I kept seeing large clouds with a perfect circle in the middle of them, showing the divine blue sky.  I now wished I’d stopped and taken pictures to share since it was unique and beautiful.  I did take this picture a few years ago and chuckled…. as if Spirit was peaking down.  Continue reading