A few days ago this word came up and while you’d think I didn’t need the reminder, I’ve found myself coming back to this word several times.  When in doubt, being optimistic has worked for me.  Hmm… mistic/mystic… YES!  Absolutely.  Let’s work our magic.


Really it is amazing how much we can worry.  A few years ago this was brought to my attention.  Every time my mind shifted into worry (an energy leak/release), Spirit seemed to be with me pointing out that everything was and would be okay – to think positive thoughts.  It was as if I had a cheerleading angel on my shoulder.  And so do you.  If you spend a day paying attention to your thoughts, you’ll see when/how you choose your vibration.  Spirit really does wishes for us to be happy… and it’s a choice.

I was hoping to get an energy update but for now I am too busy smiling, savoring my reality.  While I often write on opening your heart, I’ve had a personal one and I am glowing.  It’s funny/interesting how life works out.  I didn’t anticipate this one and really it happened pretty quickly.  So I’ve been appreciating several moments that really are pretty normal/routine.  The things we do take for granted.  Know that love always wins and finds it’s way hOMe.

Here we do have an incoming tropical storm.  Wind = change.  Rain, and a lot of it = release/cleanse/new.  How fitting as we enter into this new time.  It’s also a great time to stay in and rest, laugh, curl up with a book, movie or cup of tea.  If storms frighten you, discern on why and get in touch with this side of mother nature.  You can also work with the energy to lesson (haha)… lessen it’s impact.

Well… really, I have no more to say.  I just find myself sitting here smiling…on cloud 9.  While it might seem gloomy outside, not in this heart or house.  So this is enough for now and until the next post… let’s remain hearts open and OptiMYSTIC.  ❤

Update:  Okay… veils are very thin!  One might see

8 comments on “Optimistic

  1. I am caught up with a weeks worth of posts. I know labor day is today, but I returned home yesterday. Felt sick, and lost my small dinner.

    This is the third time in maybe three or two months that I have been trying to sleep and felt the need to throw up. Third or Fourth. One of the times I was able to resist the need to throw up.

    Pattern is as follows
    1) HEADACHE lead to early bed time
    2) Does not fall asleep
    3) An hour after taking night time medication stomach starts to feel extremely hungry
    4) Hunger turns to knowledge that if I don’t make it to the bathroom, I will throw up in bed
    5) Rush to Bathroom
    6) Lose Dinner
    7) Headache suddenly gone/able to sleep
    8) No sickness next day

    Sorry if this is gross, but just noting a pattern here.

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    • Well… thanks for sharing! lol I am glad that you did because this past week I’ve had a few overnight healings and one of them made me feel this way. I felt quite ill ish yet fine the next day. Hmm…
      You are wise so check in with your body/Spirit and ask why. ❤ ya!!

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    • All is well. We’ve had rain today and just now some pretty good wind gusts so I am working with the power angels (lol). Lighthouses don’t run 🙂 Good to hear from you Annette!


  2. Ok. 🙂 Heart open and OptiMYSTIC it is.

    It really is a choice…in each moment. Smiling and being on cloud 9 on the couch, watching the rain and wind outside.

    I like that – using the energy to lesson (lessen) its impact. I love it when I am in the place of working with the energy of whatever is present. It’s easier for me with Nature, but great when I can be there at other times. I forget often. Remembering is fun each time. Tai Chi helps. 🙂 Lovely post this morning Ms. Molly.

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