Are you ready?


Well if wind = change…

I knew a tropical storm was coming but I’ve been through so many storms, nor’easters and even a few hurricanes in my life.  I can see where one can get complacent.  A little prep and precaution can go a long way.  Really Tropical Storm Hermine wasn’t that bad either (from my perspective) but it did pack a punch.  It basically went right over the area I call home and as it met the warm water, that seemed to add some fuel.  Mother Nature is a powerful being and has her ways and reasons.  Strong yet flexible deep roots and trunk survived the storm.  Everything else snapped and/or uprooted.  Yes, symbolic.  So inches of rain and a day of nonstop high winds = many down trees, no power or internet for two days and the clean up continues.  It has been nice to see the caring/energy/love since many did respond to help in this area.

Honestly, the past 10 days have been a blur for me.  I seem to be reminded of the old me often – when there wasn’t enough hours in the day.  Now, I remain very present for each task at hand.  I know what needs to get done, will get done.  I seem to let go often with no struggle in the mind or need to be stressed.  At the end of the day, I have a smile and sense of peace, knowing this is a choice.

The three day holiday weekend (for those of us in the US) also seemed to be a long weekend for light codes/dna changes/upgrades and I was feeling them.  Honestly, no worry if you weren’t because when it is all said and done, we’ll all received what we need to, when we needed to.  At times they are so subtle.

I did chuckle though since I was also often seeing frogs and crickets – leaping.


I’ve had a few bizarre moments, too and often I write on these to then to pretty quickly realize they are so normal.  I had a moment where my legs (lower body) seemed weak.  I also think many walk-ins are taking place yet this is not my area of expertise.  I think this can happen at any time yet there also seem to be collective waves/group/times where more happen.  For me, it’s been a process of reclaiming soul aspects.  Know though that you are always whole and complete.

And a life lesson/pattern might surface as well.  It might run deep and you know to face it since by now you’ve been doing this work long enough.  You won’t sweep it under the rug.  Realize and … release, make changes… evolve!  Interesting since Friday is 9/9/9.  2+0+1+6 = 9  Even the total of 9+9+9 = 27 (2+7) = 9.  Completion.  It’s as if you need to be done with the old.  New is coming and based upon my signs… it’s suggesting big.

One of my signs was the power going out at 5:55 a.m.  That evening we went to another’s home who had power and at 5:55 p.m. the power flickered.  Theses simple signs are how Spirt works but our mind wishes to dismiss or the other extreme, overthink them.


As if a grid went offline and a new one is coming online and there might be a pause in between as the work is being done.

And when one doesn’t have “power” for two days, you realize how much you do use/need it.  You also realize a fun new way can be had – Pioneer.  🙂  And really it could have been much worse.  My son heard another complaining in a store about not having power but we had just prayed for the loss of one life in the area due to the storm.  We felt blessed.  Complaining though is a great release of negative energy so you can’t go wrong.

I’ve also been seeing signs of “ditching”/last minute deciding that you no longer wish to be a part of something.  So know that this can be a time of departures, endings, surprises and even drastic (good) change.  If it’s not serving you or you find yourself questioning/overthinking, let go and trust.

And as I was typing, a glanced above to see this X.  If you follow along, you know it’s my sign for a crossing is coming.  What might seem like two different energies yet they merge.

A new chapter is starting.  I was reminded of a right the wrong message.  It’s like a second chance at life.  Now, from a different perspective.  This new cycle involves relationships and purpose.  Ease and grace.  Wisdom and sharing.  We’ve finished (or finished enough for now) our personal process.  The question though might be… are you ready?  Hint, hint… YES!

Hoping all are safe, well and happy.  I look forward to writing more later.  In light and love.  Be AWEsome.

13 comments on “Are you ready?

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  2. This completely sums up what has been happening for me since the eclipse. I saw the 555s a lot beforehand – for me they seem symbolize some major change is coming – but a change on a spiritual level as much as on an outer level. Suddenly on the day of the eclipse I found myself planning a major life style change – something I’d toyed with but dismissed as unlikely. Since then things have snowballed and I am now definitely moving – it will take a couple of months to organise but it is definitely going to happen. Right now I’m making a vision board about what I want to manifest – I started 2 days ago and already a major piece of the puzzle as to how to move has fallen into place. Wow – the distance between thinking and seeing things manifest is getting shorter and shorter these days.

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    • 🙂 Awesome! 555 meaning also seems to be changing for me, too. And yes, things are happening much faster! At times almost instant. I am excited about your (future) move. Divine! Where there is a will, there is a way 🙂

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  4. We’re on the same wavelength! And I had to laugh that your post started with wind–because my recent post has wind in it:). But truly, I find myself doing as you are. Thinking of all the things I must get done. In the old days, I would have freaked and stressed my way through them. Now, I know I will be given all the time I need. This one resonated! (and they all usually do, by the way). XXOO

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  5. I have seen many repeating numbers the last week, or so. Just as I wrote this I realized it was one minute past 1:12 so likely 1:11 when the thought entered my mind. I’ve seen 11:11, 2:22, 3.33 (price for shirt), and some of these more than once. Plus,likely other combos I am forgetting. It has been the week of repeating numbers.

    I recently unsubscribed from (for the second time this year). Last time I spent many months away before being called back to the storyline. I, however, do not want to be paying for the months I do not feel like watching. Who knows, maybe this time I will not go back.

    I just go through phases where the whole cabal/alliance storyline gets a little unentertaining. Last time, months later I returned to find the same shows I had found boring entertaining again.

    I also felt a strong urge to ditch my mobile phone game last night. I had been slightly addicted to it lately.

    So you are right on about the ditching feeling.

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    • Oh I love you and am so happy you make the time to read and comment. You make me smile each time! We are constantly changing and it seems an endless variety of something that now catches our eye/attention. Good fun! Have an awesome day!

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  6. Molly, you truly are a blessing! First, I am so glad you are safe and sound after Hermine. The last few weeks have brought me to my breaking point, or so it felt. But like the trees that learn to bend so they do not break, I too have remained standing. So that reference resonated deeply with me. Crickets have definitely been around me as well! Each time a life changing event happens. My legs have also been having very odd sensations lately. I recently received a message saying to look back at what was and then close the door. I have been feeling the same about relationships. Endings and new beginnings. So awesome to read your perspective on things. Great post!

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    • Can I just hug you??!! I, too, have had a life event that seemed to come out of nowhere and it’s like how does this factor in? Plus it’s just so busy, random… yet finding peace and a way in all of it. I just drove down a section of road here where many tree’s fell. Usually it’s a darker stretch yet now the sunlight was pouring through. It caught me by surprise and I KNEW. Some things have to be removed so that the light can be felt and the path can be seen. ❤ ya!

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