Oh where to start.  It’s been a while since I flipped through my notebook.  I started keeping one several years ago to document the messages I received (since I often couldn’t remember them afterwards) and the random.  Usually the random (signs, life events, and personal struggle) didn’t make sense yet when I looked back, a-ha’s happened.  I could see how this is perfectly and divinely orchestrated.  While I write and share much, I was now thinking gheez… a lot has been going on!  I do think now a reminder to cut yourself some slack is needed.  While one will often awaken and evolve under pressure, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Spirit is… ease. 

The energy this morning (for me) is calm.  Many are in or awaiting the next round of energy.  Honor whatever is happening in your reality.  It is your unique ascending.

Years ago Spirit walked me through a mental process of understanding.  So many why questions where answered.  I was like Nancy Kerrigan yet didn’t even know it.


When your mind becomes strong yet then understands, your body tends to relax and allow more of the process.  Then an emotional process and boy that was not fun (for me).  I can use words like releasing victim mentality, depression/suicide/dark “night” of the soul, anxiety and anger that I didn’t even know my body held. Yikes!

This past year though has been more physical and both extremes.  The b-l-i-s-s  and the physical body dis-ease. Old wounds surfacing, a few strange symptoms/brief illnesses and enough days of just feeling, yuck.  I was reminded that over a decade ago I wondered if I had MS.  So much has happened in my life, I completely forgot about this.  I was now asking Spirit why did I even think that yet, I already knew the answer.  A part of me, somewhere, did.  We hold so much in our cellular memory and at times the veils are very thin… we feel it… and it’s easy to get confused.  Choose your reality carefully.

Depending upon which stage you are in, it’s as if now a virus scan is being run on our mind/emotions/body.  111,111,111 objects scanned.  7 issues detected.  5 resolved… 2 pending.  Download the latest update to resolve.  And a few cookies might even be found… lol.  Regardless though, we are protected.

I wanted to mention… food.  In my life I’ve been all extremes.  Morbidly obese (90 pounds more than today) and a couch potato, a gym rat/able to bench press 165 pounds/100 mile bike rides… and now…  Well, pretty chill.  I used to teach nutrition and know yet during these upgrades, cravings can arise (often releasing old patterns/history) and some of the more traditional ways/rules seem to go out the window.  Trust your body as you take good care of it.  At times salt, sugar, protein, vitamins/minerals/greens and water is so needed for one reason or another.

And sleep.  As your brain changes, so will your sleep patterns.  I’ve just had to roll with it and found that it balances out.  When you brain is awakening, it is as if a bright light in reaching some areas that have been asleep from a long time.  Melatonin might be secreted at different times and there are narcolepsy moments as if the Universe pushes the sleep button.


I’ve also been reminded by Spirit to relay that for some of these changes/upgrades, one really needs to be open, trust and relax.  At times we hold away the upgrade because we get a bit too human (feeling that we’ll do just fine/figure it out on our own).  Allow.  There is nothing to fear.  Breathe and find the vibration of love.

Alrighty kiddoes, lights, loves and visionaries… do your thing.  It’s what you came here to do.


I’ve also had a bit of time to read some fellow bloggers work.  Click after click, so much resonated and made me smile.  So many are documenting their journey in words, pictures and song.  Awesome!  Go team!

14 comments on “Scanning…

  1. Yes the physical body stuff resonates with me too. On December 21, 2008 I collapse with chronic fatigue syndrome. For most of 2009 and 2010 I was flat on my back. To get out of the bed and back into life I had to return to my spiritual practice which had become pretty non existent as I focused on worldly matters. When I was sick career and all that stuff disappeared as I was too ill work much. On 1.1.11 I began to wake up. – you might like to read about it 🙂

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      • You’re welcome. I don’t really have anyone that I can talk to about this stuff face-to-face. People round here are either not aware or into a kind of New Age spirituality that seems very competitive to me. There are a lot of people here that act like they know all about everything but when I use the word ‘ascension’ they act like its a dirty word. Very, very weird. It’s time to move on so many levels.

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        • I can relate! I’m in a bible belt so my type of spirituality is perceived as… well, I’ve ben told I will be prayed for. Yah! Blogging has connected me to so many like minded and more. ❤

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          • Thank you. I felt bad about letting off steam like that but sometimes I feel so isolated. Your comment puts everything is perspective. Sometimes people say we are led to be in these areas where are so isolated so that we can anchor light. I think that’s true but there’s something else going on for me here too – it’s about getting really clear as to just what my path is I think.

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          • Spoken like a Master!! Exactly! Wherever we go we don’t conform yet often lay low and blend in… we plant seeds and often underestimate the benefits/change that we do create. Beacons are needed everywhere. 🙂

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  2. I love reading your posts and our interactions. It brings me great joy. Sometimes this journey seems as though a great deal of time is spent in solitary pursuits so I truly cherish you. Yes, writing will come in perfect timing. so much is happening in my life so emotions can tend to run high. It’s nice to have a place to land and feel accepted for who I am.

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    • Durinda… I read this and teared up. I cherish you! I truly feel each comment and I felt the love ❤ ❤ ❤ I love who you are. And what a great compliment – an honor for this blog to become a safe harbor. Thank you my soul sister. Big hug!!


  3. Last night was the meeting of the sacred circle meetup group I joined. When I leave there my heart is always singing! I have not written anything in a while, there just seems to be so much information. But will have to write something soon.

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    • No, you don’t have to write… lol. There is no rush. All will ❤ you just the same. You will though when you get time/know. I am glad your heart is singing and thank you for sharing here. It really does make me happy, too. 🙂 ❤


  4. Oh, yeah! It has been one of those frustrating aspects (granted understandable) of spiritual growth as I have been trying to stop myself from doing that. I really want to sit through that scan…tapping foot and all! Lol

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  5. I think you touched on a lot of good points about spiritual and emotional growth. I loved it! It certainly feels like a scan sometimes…especially that annoying long wait (with the older computers lol) and you walk away a bit to do other things and come back to realize it stopped due to needing an OK button to be pressed. Ack!! Wait! What!! Lol

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