In sickness and in health


This blog has documented every step of my journey so… I start to type on this one, too.

How we take our health for granted.  Seriously.  Without it… really you can’t do much.  Or can you… as I write from bed.  Actually, yes, you can do a lot.  Some time ago Spirit spoke with me on the benefits and joys that come from illness.  It is a blessing, not a curse.

This journey, for me, has been about both extremes of the mental, emotional and physical body.  As well as the masculine, feminine, light and dark, higher dimensions and Earth, and life in general.  To then find a balance of it all… inside and out.

Really I don’t have time/desire to be ill and rarely am I.  Blessed.  I love life and living it.  I do know to honor each step though as it arises.  Really, I am very fortunate and probably by the time I finish writing this (or with another sleep cycle or next few days – it takes however long it takes), I will be back to normal.  Well, a new state of me/being ness.  I’ve discovered the Universe will send it till you get it and for me I often have an extra step… to then share.  Then poof… it’s gone… like magic…  and I/we move along.

Some time ago I remember reading articles on when one gets to this step/stage.  It is advanced ascending because while you might have the more traditional symptoms (fluish, ears ringing, etc.), it does seem to be amplified.  I did read some examples of being chronically ill for years.  Yikes and no thank you.  This is clearing work though so I am grateful for those who choose this type of service for our humanity.

In some spiritual circles there is the perception that illness is dis-ease and a sign that something is off/wrong/bad/chosen or energetically called/created by one.  I will say that I, too, used to believe this.  While this might be the case, we are now is a new reality and there is a lot more going on.  I also believe some don’t even mention this step/stage since it would be viewed as a negative and spirituality isn’t supposed to be negative.  Ha… spirituality is EVERYTHING.  To appreciate health, do we need to know/experience the other?

While some upgrades feel like bliss… some can make you feel like crap.  At times we don’t get our way… and, how are we going to respond?  Can we make peace with this?  Hmm, yet… we are alchemists and can convert anything that comes our way.  🙂  To use our skills.

Over the years, I’ve had all sorts of weird yet brief physical releases.  This past year a bit more often and this past month… let’s just say weekly.  Whenever I feel not ideal, I check in with Spirit and my body.  (I will say that if you google the symptoms, you might feel the need to go straight to the doctor.)  I am calmed and reassured though by Spirit.  All is well each and every time verses running off to the doctor.  I know there is no diagnostic code for ascending (or at least not yet).  If you follow along you know that I do believe in both medical care as well as our ability to heal thyself.  You can’t go wrong so please do what feels right for you.

On occasion, a reason/lesson why is provided.  Listen and release.  Other times not so much and it just seems like a reboot.  To… CLEAR.  And then bam one is back up and running again.  The rhythm has been restored.


In the past two days, it’s as if I have a fever.  Last week I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  And I’ve felt the energy scan/healing/awakening from head to toe.  I’ve had a year of sporadic moments that feel foreign yet Divine so I had no worries.  So now Spirit shared that the heat is the new light codes awakening and working through the density of a physical body.  Can I add here that I have in my own ways already done a lot of clearing work so I thought I was past this symptom stage.  Spirit also shared that one should feel like they’ve been hit by a truck because if we had any idea of the intensity of the dna/codes/light/upgrade, we’d find it hard to believe that the body could hold/withstand it… yet it can.  Some upgrades are so subtle yet others… 🙂  Feeling it!

Know that you are not… sick.  You are well.  Very well.  We’ve been conditioned to respond to illness in a certain way and I can’t say I know anyone who is overjoyed when they don’t feel well but… you can.

Plus… what if this is not personal.  So many write on clearing karma and family lineage.  As if you have to release your (family’s) history.  Well, late yesterday I was thinking this is bull… lol.  You can take this on if you wish (I’ve done a few rounds)… or you can also give yourself permission when enough is enough. We did not come to stay stuck in pain, struggle, releasing or feeling yuckie!  Also, at times, it might very well be a collective release.  As if you’ve been around groups and are now helping others heal and feel better.

And just another thought.  Many write on purity… and the process of becoming pure as you ascending.  Well… I think you are whole, complete, pure and perfect just the way you are.  Additional steps (like cleanses, diets, routines) are not necessarily needed.  Spirit loves you whether you are a smoker or not.  Whether you eat Cheetos, red meat or eat super clean and work-out everyday.  Does it make a difference with ascending…?  Possibly, depending upon what you believe.  If it makes you happy… do it.  When it no longer serves you, you will, change/evolve.  So could some ways/routines/rituals help?  Sure!  This journey is about embracing new/different.  What does seem to universally work though is so simple and free.  Yup…

Love.  ❤

Just love yourself, your body, your process, your life.  Right here, right now.  In sickness and in health.

So tomorrow is 9/9/9 and my plan is to be ready to rock and roll!  To embrace a new day and whatever comes my way.  I KNOW and look forward to all the awesome stuff that is coming into being.  Today I finished glancing at my personal notebook I kept over the summer.  I realized how much I/we did clear this summer.  TONS!  9 = completion so now it’s time to completely let go and open up.  Let’s have fun with this.  Ready?   I AM!

Thank you for reading.

I’ll also add this post I wrote last year:

(Top picture found online, unsure original source, Phillip Schumacher…?  🙂

12 comments on “In sickness and in health

  1. Oh Molly, I did not realize right away this was your blog! What a great article.

    Having been through a few rounds, I have come to pretty much the same conclusion, it’s going to happen, in one way or another. Everything is fine, just get comfy as you can and ride it out. I have been diagnosed by very intuitive healers, and yet they missed the mark. They did not account for Ascension, ah well. As a healer myself, I must remember this.
    For new Ascendees… she is right on target. It would have been less confusing had I known earlier on. ❤️🌺

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    • Kitty – great to hear from you! Thank you so much for commenting. There is much of this journey, if we’d just remembered, haha. The joy of experiencing it. Even some holistic and spiritual healers know nothing of this process.
      Well wishes and <3!!

      Liked by 1 person

    I’ve read your other two as well, however I haven’t been up to writing much, as the “MACK TRUCK HAS STRUCK” 😜
    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SHARE MOLLY, you are helping so many on this Journey!!!!

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  3. I’ve been feeling ill too for the past week or so. I think it is the body adjusting to the influx of light that came in with the eclipse. Resting, drinking lots of clean water and eating light meals with lots of vegies helps me. The last couple of days I have had to retreat to bed for an hour or so late in the afternoon. I did feel feverish and had a sore throat last weekend. Rest when you need to seems to be the way to go at present. Getting outside in nature helps too if you have the energy. 🙂

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  4. I love your perspective! A few of my good friends are medical intuitives, so if I have a question about something, because I’m still working on tuning into myself and working on trusting what I get, I’ll ask them. Often times they’ll let me know I’m releasing something. As for light codes, I’m still working on recognizing physical symptoms.

    This past summer I received a handful of sessions from a very powerful healer, who I discovered is also very egotistical. I’ll just say that so much energy was shifted that my body suffered a physical crisis of gallbladder attacks. Because of having a very talented and intuitive doctor, I am being well cared for. Using my tool of choice (hypnosis), I discovered exactly what was coming up to put me in crisis, and was able to heal it. I’m still treating my body with TLC, and will be for probably months. Our bodies are most definitely amazing.

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