February 31st


I know it’s 9/9/9 but gheez… everyone seems to now be writing on that, lol.  So… a different date.  As I was driving this morning, a car passed me with the license plate of  FEB31st.  I hadn’t had my cup of coffee yet so let’s just say my mind was first wondering what question this date might answer… and then, I let out a chuckle… since we all know that date doesn’t exist.  Oh how we take this journey so serious at times and the Universes sense of humor.  Lighten up!  2016 is a leap year and a sign that this must be a super-duper leap year.  That’s how this year is shaping up for many of us.

While that date doesn’t exist here, many of us are playing in the multidimensional.

And speaking of being light… last night was light sleep for me.  I awoke feeling rested yet still not well.  The crud feeling continued today till I choose to listen (really listen) and raise my vibration.  Sure enough I had two personal a-ha’s.  I also thought if the ill feeling = the opposite, I will be glowing… beaming soon.  Well, let’s start now.  That’s all there is.

Give your body permission to upgrade.  To relax and bath in the light and love – it is an endless ocean.  Your teams (and we all have one) is surrounding you.  For many they are having an embodiment.  This is sacred… holy… and should be viewed as such (verses kicking and screaming, lol).  My left brain was struggling with this a bit thinking we are all born with a soul yet some of us do/did push it away.  I remember years ago reclaiming and it was a powerful moment.  Then for quite some time it seemed to be a rubik’s cube or kaleidoscope as I exchanged soul aspects.  A few weeks ago, I felt my soul leave my body yet I seemed to continue on just fine.  Strange…?  Yes!  In time, all is understood.  (* also see video link below)  It is time now though to embrace and claim the new, amazing you… and to be patient.

My awakening has been a full experience – many different moments.  This past year I’ve felt growing pain and I finally realized why (or another reason).  In those moments, you’re shedding the teachings/stories/ways that no longer serve you.  It’s okay to not agree with some teachings that have gotten you to where you are.  We are to bring forth new ways… our own unique style that fits into this new earth now.  So love the awkwardness as they are being birthed.  Love the untraditional.  Be… you.  And no holding back.  You are needed.

The other day I was in Chick Fila and an employee heart featly said, it’s a pleasure to serve you… and then later, my pleasure.  I paused since this was a simple moment and could have been easily dismissed.  To be of service.  And there are just so many ways!  Often lightworker’s get focused on a “mission” of teaching/healing/awakening others.  How about just… being… yourself?  I’ve often written on the simple ways one can serve.  Really you don’t have to look far to see a need and way.  And, in this journey there are many times that the best way to service is to be self serving.  We underestimate how when we are healthy, happy and knowing, this does has a ripple effect.  Not only this reality, all of those that we interact with and then in turn they reach, but in multiple realities.


So my guess is, you do enough.  No pressure.  This journey is not about numbers/volume… well… numerology sure is fun.

As I went to find a picture for this post, the Feb 31t date is also a vision/eyewear company.  Yup!  So maybe this is also a hint hint.  We must leap to create/see/know the next step because it doesn’t exist yet in our reality.  What you want is there.

I listened to a teli-class today.  It’s been some time since I’ve done this.  Lisa Brown in a sentence said what I needed to hear so I’ll share.  If you don’t like your reality, you go inside, you find the vibration, you listen/feel it, you clear it.  I know this yet, I needed the reminder.  I am a big believer in energy and vibration.  One does need to be a match to what you are seeking.  Change yourself and change your life!  Thank you Lisa.  We are all reminding each other.

So if you are in bliss – awesome!  If not, be gentle with yourself.  Much is getting ready to shift.  The words for the incoming energy are:  Zest, Exuberant, and Jubilant.  Are you ready?  Let’s play!

Haha… update 9/10  I may be done with the ick… but the process is not done.  Up and down.  Interesting because not even sleep seems to help.  Honoring and trusting.  Many did feel a shift on 9/9 and the rest of us in our own time and way  🙂  Will write more soon.  ❤

*And… this is a separate video by Lisa that I just found which may be helpful:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7rMqYCMKcY&feature=youtu.be

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