Good Morning


I think the Universe wants me writing this morning.  I awoke super early to get a few things done and by 7 a.m. was crawling back into bed for a quick nap.  I figured I could write later today but the normally quiet street/exterior world was not.  Fast cars, door slamming, yelling, chainsaws running off in the distance and I even heard an atv zipping around.  The clincher was…

a neighbor weed waking and I glanced to see if he was doing my yard as well (like right by my window), lol.  I’ve never even seen him weed wake.  All signs for high, wound up energy.  Maybe everyone rested well this weekend.

So back up and by the time I had a few things going, of course all was quiet again.

Yesterday I looked back over several months of posts to find one to reblog… yet none of them seemed to fit… now.  Exactly!  This is a new moment.  As many of us were living yet anticipating the next wave of energy, a surprise step seemed to be added.  So this past week or so has been rather new for me.  What do you do when you feel like crap, lol?  Well… you remember that you are more than your body.  Now trust, I’ve been pacing myself.  Self-care is needed.  Yet I’ll be honest, I’ve also whined some – yikes.  It did nothing for me so… I’ve checked in with Spirit, others in my soul family and slept, too.  Usually I can transcend these moments pretty quickly but…

It’s become clear that I have to be patient (adj.) verses a patient (noun).  Illness/not feeling 100% is a part of living.  We came here to experience it all yet many of us just don’t allow.  I also know there is much more to this.  You can call it ascending, upgrading, embodying… changing yet again.

It’s also a moment to review.  How have you perceived illness?  And did you take care of yourself, reach out for help or… push on?  Did you become bitter/bitchy, martyr… or were you a joy?   Can one do this step with ease and grace?  Ahh…

There are times in this journey where silence is best.  Yesterday, in some ways, was a day of silence for me.  My son reminded me of a beautiful spot where in silence we anchored in the new timeline/reality/now.


I will also say that I am seeing the energy escalate again for many.  I saw this a few months ago as well.  There’s a bit of defensive/need to justify energy pouring out.  A release… and you don’t need to add any fuel… 🙂  You’ll know.  It might also be seen in expressions of anger, sadness or wanting to lash out/pick a fight.  Be compassionate.  This is not personal.  For many, it’s the start of an awakening/new era.

I will also offer this reminder.  We are all here walking our own walk.   At times we take on walking/doing for another.  We do this for many reason yet now is a good time to make sure you are walking your path… with just your “baggage”.  Spirit does wish for us to travel, light.  Look to see if you’ve noticed any repeating lessons.  Where have you tried to do from your heart yet now you can see that all you’re doing is taking away from another, their lesson.  You are now ready to let go.  To empower them.  You can do this is silence or by becoming their cheerleader.  So what if you might be able to do it “better”.  Let them try!  This is a time of when the momma bird has to let the baby, fly.

Months ago I wrote on the X’s in the sky and then bam… I had several balls/themes of energy I was working with.  For a day, it seemed like having many puzzles and being instructed to make it into one.  I felt certain it was impossible yet then quickly realized, it was.  It’s not a timed exercise so have fun with it.  That energy has now returned.  You may find that much is being tossed your way as all these shifts occur. Receive and remain calm.  These “items” are probably what you’ll be working with for the next few months.  Don’t discard just yet.  Let it play out.  See what you can create from what has been given to you.

Alrighty loves… on to the next adventure.  And haha… fires are now burning here.  Clean up continues.  Release, release…    Horns are honking.  Gheez – energy packed day!

9 comments on “Good Morning

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  2. oh my. Thank you – I have to go off line now but will be back later or tomorrow. Thank you Thank you. Lovely words. You are right. It all resonates. Makes sense. Lots of lovely energy was there! Her and my dad who is also in care with dementia. She has gone down hill since he left. But shes going to the same home! Yet she ‘hates it there’…. but still shes been ‘searching’ for him, from room to room. And he searches in the care home, and has even re-created her in the form of another lady resident! xxxx bless you Molly. Good golly Miss Molly!

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  3. This is hard for me to say, but as you have talked about Sleeping little often along with energy, sometimes I wonder if I should mention looking up the symptoms of Bipolar disorder just to be safe. When I was first diagnosed if I found someone talking of little sleep and high energy, I would immediately post the symptoms. I do not know if I actually hurt the person in doing so.

    So I will be honest and say that a number of times I have wondered if I should post the symptoms to you, but you know I am torn about the Mental Health system vs Psychic experiences. At times it has been hard for me to live a ‘normal’ life with the responsibility given to those considered ‘normal.’ When all I needed to do was go off medication and I could be a Shaman.

    Someone mentioning that you should look up the symptoms of Bipolar disorder is not saying that they think you are crazy. There is no shame in Bipolar. The shame put on it only hurts those who are.

    It is just I have been considered Bipolar, and know the symptoms. A number of times I have vetoed writing this out because I did not want to harm you.

    Yet, it shouldn’t harm you any more than me suggesting that you take aspirin for your headache. All prescriptions are demonized by most of the Spiritual Community, but, if one makes you have less ascension symptoms, why not try it.

    Honestly, I woke up to a weed wacker too, but at about 9. Sorry if I hurt you feelings. Your health is yours, and not mine.

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    • Not at all. Thank you for caring 🙂 I am actually very familiar with bi-polar both from personal and professional experiences. My sleep schedule has been different these last few years for various reasons and I do feel the energy waves. I can also see that ascending/this process could be labeled as bi-polar yet I know. There are ups and downs but the inner peace/stability has been growing more and more. It’s not (for me) little sleep with high energy. It is though times of a different sleep cycle/need. I am also all for reaching out and getting help for mental health issues – medication and counseling can help! No shame. Thank you for opening up this discussion because it is needed. 🙂 <3!

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  4. Hi Molly, what is about the 9/9/9 thing please? It of course was Friday just passed. A very traumatic day for me. I was listening in on the phone to my mom who was on the floor haven fallen. She is 92 with dementia. She dropped the phone on me and I could not get her to hear me. For 30 minutes I stayed on the line and heard everything unfold. I am 250 miles away. It was horrendous. I have felt very upset – very distressed since. She is now never going home. Its a care home for her and this upsets me too. Never going home.. What a terrible way to leave your home for the last time – covered in blood in the arms of a paramedic.

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    • First… I am sending you a breathe and a ((( hug ))). I can feel this situation and empathize. Your feelings are so natural and fitting into the energies that are flowing. 9/9/9 2+0+1+6 = 9 Even the total of 9+9+9 = 27 (2+7) = 9.
      Basically, we are in a trine/cycle of completion. This manifests in so many ways and often not as we think. Letting go and grief is a big part of this work. Also a time to do things differently. Embracing new ways.

      Marina, I also know you are an alchemist – magical. Might I suggest blessing her home just by your thoughts. Just because the last hour/day/year maybe hasn’t been ideal, I’d also bet the home holds many good memories. Remember this and carry that loving energy into her new “home”. I’ve done long distance energy work often before entering a situation and each and every time, it’s helped. Also bless those who are now caring for your mom. In the arms of safety.

      I have other thoughts that might be better discussed privately so you can fb message me or email:

      I ❤ you and I am with you!


  5. Good morning Molly!!
    So happy you are feeling some better! I’ve been experiencing A LOT of joint pain in my legs, limping around, whining a little bit…. but glad that I can WALK! 🙂
    THANK YOU for offering up the REMINDER, it could not have come at a more timely moment!!! YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING O:)
    Much Love ❤

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    • Yes… it could be sooo much worse! I, too, had a weak lower body. It’s as if it’s been working it’s way up. And awesome… I feel as if I’m being reminded often, too. ❤ and thank you for blessing me. Better together. We got this! 🙂


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