Coming to Light

Oh boy, oh boy.  Here we go!  Ready?  A lot of heart energy overnight and this morning.  This energy can keep you up.  A heart opening/activation – yes!  Insomnia it is not yet, it can become that when one is too much in their mind.  Relax and open.  As I sat with the rising sun, I thought of the morning Spirit woke me up with the song from Space Odyssey.  And the dogs here have been howling the past two morning.  Intense howling.  As if they are remembering their inner wolf.  Just about everyone/thing is feeling this energy in one way or another.  Trust me that many are not …

labeling it as spiritual, divine or bliss… yet it is.

Yesterday was a busy day and much came to light.  Things that have been suppressed are coming up and out.  It might be a story, emotion… truth.  It’s time that it be revealed.  And it might come out with force since it’s an issue that one has been working on for awhile or it’s been festering.  POP!  It can be a release… or a new way that is coming into being.

Right now things will happen both fast and slow.  You can also decide.  If it gets too intense, pull back.  Allow it to float by.  You can flow with the current yet this seems to be a fast moving one, like after a heavy rainstorm.  You can and are strong enough though to step out if needed.  Choices right now seem important.  Very important.  Remember who you are and what you have been waiting/striving for.  A lot is whirling so some vortex’s you don’t need to get swept into.  Focus on your journey/process/way/mission… which yes, might include… much!

Have you ever tried to photo a spider web?  It’s become a new hobby for me since they seem to be everywhere.  It’s actually a bit of a challenge so just sharing.  You can click on a pic to expand it a bit.  This is also a good reminder.  Many of us have built our support networks.  It’s not a web… it’s layers of webs.  Now they are needed and will continue to expand.  If you feel you do not have a safety net… get busy and reach out.  Start now.  You are far from alone.

If things feel off, get into nature.  Even if it’s a simple walk in the park.  Breathe and know.

Rocking and rolling.  You??  In light, love and service.  Here we go!

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