Okay… if you follow along, you know I post in a variety of styles and I guess this would be under the advanced ascending category.  In the past, I’ve always freely shared (no warning noted) but now I do understand why some of this writing could be looked at as… well, concerning/strange/crazy.  I do understand.  A few years ago this would have been of no interest to me… until, I started living it.  I think it will resonate for some though so I write and thank you for reading.

So today seemed like a big travel day yet I didn’t leave my zip code.  There are these moments when one has a brain fart/fog/lapse/amnesia… or a quick glimpse in another reality.  It is like time travel… well, it’s multidimensional travel.

I’ve felt these moments before and so have many others.  Depending upon what you know/believe, it could mean many things.  There are also times when our brain is being rewired/flooded with light/awoken/processing/in another time-space.

So when I found myself standing in the kitchen this afternoon and I had a hot cup of coffee and an opened cold ginger ale can in front of me… hmm.  No, this is not normal for me.  Don’t even remember making the coffee but wherever I was, I wanted it.  From my experience, some of the places we travel to are soooo similar to our now reality.

Last night was another moment.  Everyone in the house noticed the lights slowly dim and was discussing it… yet, I didn’t.  Then, back to normal and that’s when I seemed to rejoin the reality/conversation.

I’ve also found that my mind can’t do what would be normal, mental processing.  Like please don’t ask me to solve a complicated math problem in this moments… aint happening… check back later.  And at times, simple writing – just getting the thought out there – is best.

Which brings me to a random thought I had today but I haven’t taken time to research.  In the past week many have mentioned, thirst.  In my opinion, our body needs water and it aides in flushing.  Our body and organs are going through a lot right now.  But in addition to thirst, let me just add, cotton mouth and munchies… what?  Chewing gum is my new friend.  So hmm… what part of the brain is being stimulated/upgraded/awoken now?

Some medications have this side effect and so does… pot.  I always hesitate to post on recreational drugs for a variety of reasons.  I will say that years ago I was amazed and proud that I could channel without the assistance of any substance.  Let’s just say I had an experience where I realized the only way some can channel is to use…   okay, I digress… not the point.  Now, I do find this combination of possible current symptoms interesting.  If you have time to research or have been advised as to why, please do share.

I asked Spirit and this is what I got:


Spirit’s in a joking mood.  Okay Water Boy… I was expecting, pineal gland… yet that is above the medulla oblongata (MO).  And this word came up a week or so ago also.  The MO controls our heart and breath… and I also think, primal.  And, it functions without thought.  Ahh and hmm.

Okay, moving on.  On the topic of traveling… Dayna mentioned feeling the energy as she drove the other day.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this happen, too.  Spirt often talks to us through the radio and does reach out while we’re driving.  For some, at times the energy can get pretty high and it can feel like… well, I don’t want to say, under the influence but it’s a reference.  It’s been a while since I’ve written on this because… it can sound strange/concerning.

Really, it happens more than we discuss.  Yesterday I was reminded by another.  They drove 40 minutes and didn’t remember a thing.  They were one place and then bam… arrived another.  Many are already teleporting.  They arrive where they need to be and safe – yah and of course.  I’ve even had a few (thankfully brief) OOB’s while driving.  Yikes… Spirit why do you do this to us… lol.

Many do channel as they drive.  It can be as simple as getting an inspirational thought or knowing.  You might also start to receive a longer message.

And I’ve found it interesting how many lightworker videos I’ve seen pop up more recently being taken from a (parked, hint hint) car.  A vehicle.  A mode of travel and protection.  There is something about our vehicle and travel – in it’s many forms.  Years ago I loved road trips or a joy ride down a scenic road.  And sure enough, Spirit started showing up.  Well… Spirit was always there, I was just open enough to listen.

So this post is to just mention these topics.  They are happening and normal.  Traveling is our nature.  I’m not even going to go into why because while I have thoughts… we really don’t know all of the reasons.  More so this post is to aid in sparking our remembrance.  And this post is just covering the day/while one is awake travel.  Gheez, another post would be needed to cover the fun/work/travel we have in our sleep state.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your wisdom.  Much  ❤ and HAPPY traveling.

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  1. I have those moments too where I will go to talk to someone and my mind will go completely blank when just a few minutes before that I knew exactly what I wanted to say. And a synchronicity about driving and getting messages in the car. At my meet up group a new attendee was just mentioning the same thing last night. Thank you for your continued sharing.

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