Slow and steady wins the race


Good morning lights, loves, visionaries and amazing beings 🙂  How is everyone doing?

These were the words I heard right before I went to bed last night and I chuckled.  Yet, this is not a race… it’s a journey and each moment is the prize.  I do find sea turtle symbolism fitting because while many are/will be coming to shore in waves, we will be headed out into a vast ocean. 

We’ve been in the nest for awhile now and many of us are emerging… reborn, in a new way.

Last night I felt a pulse of energy.  I paused and knew.  This next amplification will be intense again and I might need to pull away and honor.  If your a fellow blogger/writer, you probably know the dilemma at times of what and when to write and share.  Usually it’s done without a second thought but much can happen during these times and our human mind doesn’t always understand.  Hindsight can be 2020.

Interesting because the sign’s I’m seeing are to, lay low yet remain active.  Do your thing.

Spirit reminded me that this was a time or lesson/reminder/act… depending upon where you were in the process… of, self-care/love.  To truly immerse our self in the experience and later we can share.  It’s kind of like being a camera happy tourist.  Are you absorbed in capturing the experience or having the experience?  Either way, no worries.  Some of us can’t help our self and I often find that I share the middle novice ground of remembrance, far from an expert (yet we all are).

This was also a reminder to a message Spirit gave me years ago… YOU have done enough.  Really, we have done the work.  Some lightworkers will significantly change how they serve.  What might be seen as a stepping down/away in the 3D is actually… well, getting to a great place of knowing.

These amplification often bring us to a splitting off point.  The old needs to be shed/let go of.  At the same time though it’s like you feel the need to hold on.  One might feel like, how much longer can I hold on?  Let go and trust.  Spirit has this.  Safety net, if needed, is provided.

And what if… manifesting is just… ALLOWING.  Yes.  How we use energy to manifest when we just need to allow.  So simple.

Yesterday Spirit seemed to review a few concepts with me.  Feelings was one of them.  Recently, somewhere… I heard, feelings matter.  Yet, we often think the experience matters.  From a feeling we create memories, form and attachments.  We also create alliances/groups/causes and often rally behind them.  Really though… once you remove the story, you’ll see the feeling that was driving it all.  Often it’s the basic need of love, being understood and feeling safe.  We try to find our kind yet so are so much alike.

I was also pondering on dementia and Alzheimer’s since this too is coming up often.  My first career job was as a social worker in a nursing home.  I watched on a daily basis elders live out a life often based upon on earlier memories.  It was as if they had already returned to their happy place.  I still remember one gentleman who’d scoot his wheelchair each morning from room to room delivering “mail” and a smile.  It was as if he was checking on each resident and yes, an energy exchange.  No surprise that he was a retired mail man.  I was once told by Spirit not to pity/be sad for elders who choose to have this time at the end of their life.  They are often anchoring bliss, at times reviewing… and “working” in different states of being.

On occasion I also think of the new lightworker as these awakening waves happen.  This can be an exciting time.  A lot of passion and energy flows and I’d never discourage this.  It is as if you just found the new best thing and want to tell everyone about it.  The mission part pulses in ones veins.  Years ago I did often wonder, how do you know if another wants to know?  I often felt divinely guided to another yet then, at times, it became a bit awkward.  When do you speak your truth?  While you can’t go wrong here I’ve learned, they’ll ask!  When they are ready.  We aren’t selling or pushing.  Keep it simple, light, plant a seed and move on.  And eventually others will ask because you live it and they notice a dramatic change.  This is not something we just preach/teach as if it was a job… it is a joy and a way.  A state of being.

So… we shall see how these next few weeks, unfold.  I will write and share as I can.  I love you.  Open heart, mind, body.  B-r-e-a-t-h-e.  Relax.  Enjoy!

4 comments on “Slow and steady wins the race

  1. Funny synchronicity here. I saw a picture of a turtle on car today, with the inscription “Don’t rush me” . And now your post comes with the same message. That is encouraging news that it is ok to take it slowly.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    • Karin, thank you for reading and for commenting. I always love hearing from YOU! And absolutely – there is no rush! In the past two days I’ve been “stopped” as I drive for road work and then as the sign flips to “Slow” the Universe has sent a sensation, like this sign is for you to pay attention to. ❤ and Hugs!

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      • Thanks, that is vey kind of you to let me know that you love hearing from me. I appreciate that you share here in which ways you receive guidance, and what the guidance says. What I also find fascinating are your stories about jumping timelines, animals which suddenly vanish, you seeming invisible to other customers at the check-out line, i.e. the paranormal stuff.

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        • Haha… so normal for me now. I was thinking about that baby deer the other day. It had different marking/coat and I haven’t seen it since. That was an amazing moment. Thank you for reading/supporting/doing/being Karen! You are amazing and I am (as well as many others) blessed to have connected with you! ❤

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