Light Sleep

For the past three nights, it’s been light sleep.  Literally, light sleep – as if sleeping with the lights on… all of them.  Oh incoming harvest full moon – I am feeling you. 

Our light body is waking up.  Coming online.  So I arise and no coffee is needed.  I have felt rested despite waking often and not feeling as if I’ve slept deeply.

For me, I’ve been filtering in my sleep.  It’s like a flip book.  Images that comes in fast, back to back and are so random.  If this is new to you, for my experience it’s like a clearing.  Don’t (or do) get too focused on any one image.  What you need to know will come back around.  It’s just letting you know that you do have access to… a lot!  It can also be looked at as a releasing of stored memories that no longer serve this life/plan/design.

I was reminded this morning of a dream I had weeks ago that I think I previously shared.  In the dream, I was watching a three story building burn.  I was surprised at how calm I was.  Like shouldn’t I be calling for help, why was there no firetrucks or… chaos?  Instead, I knew the outer structure could withstand the heat and it would be gutted and rebuilt.  There was no need to panic, that this was intended/normal/okay.  Yes, symbolic and for many, our bodies are feeling it.

As a random side note, the moon does dictate our tides.  A full moon will bring higher tides.  And… baby sea turtles are often birth by moonlight.  The soft light helps them to see where they need to go.


So enough for now and I’ll write more… soon.  Blessings and love.

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