Just a quick checking in with a few random thoughts and whispers.  It seems as if rapid shifting is ahead.  This though could be now… or weeks from now.  The guidance was to not get too attached because… much will change.  As if overnight and possibly in a completely different direction.  I then heard, It might just surprise you what you’ve been working on in the XD… multidimensional.  This would be true for all of us.  New realities are emerging.

I am seeing new hues in the evening.


And the mole continues to be busy in the yard.  Each night a new path seems to form. Symbolic of the work that is being done in our sleep state.  Also a reminder of what is getting ready to surface since you can see their path yet, not the mole/Spirit at work.  And if you happen to step where a mole has been, you’ll know it.  The ground sinks a bit, unsettled… not in concreate.

And “mole” came up on the Blind Spot season premier (on TV) last night.  Who is… the mole?   Well, a human mole in a group lays lows, does their work, blends in and then acts/reports/does when needed or instructed to.  🙂

Yesterday I did see a partial sun rainbow/halo.  ❤ these and will be on the look out for more.


I had an amazing dream last night.  A young soul that I do know came to me and helped to open my heart.. even more.  It was so powerful I was in blissful tears in the dream.  It made me think of how an infant/young child does wake often at night. Oh how they are at work, too.

UPDATE:  I reached out to the mom of this young soul to share my dream because it was so beautiful.  I didn’t mention the day/time yet she responded back immediately with the exact day/time it happened.  We both seemed to awake… energized.  Oh how I love these confirmations.  We ARE all connected.

On occasion I think of writing/blogging as a way to pass along our knowledge to our younger self.  Just as we receive messages from Spirit/our higher self.  And those days that we don’t write… just like the pauses/lulls we feel.  We are documenting our own akashic records.

Grounding foods seems to help as these energy waves roll in.  I won’t list suggestions since I feel what one needs will be different for each person.  Drinking water, eating light and protein packed items seem to be helping me though.

I took these pics last night.  The first one had so many layers to it and I wasn’t sure if the camera was capturing what I was seeing.  A lot is merging and going on right now.  Breathe and receive.  Compassion and gratitude.  Patience and love.  Here we go… slowly, with ease and grace.

7 comments on “Snapshots

  1. Whoa! I am feeling the LOVE, I am feeling a BEAUTIFUL SHIFT!!!!
    Thank you so very much for ALL YOUR SHARE, it’s timely, it resonates, it inspires!!!!!!
    Love and Blessings 💞💚💞

    Oh my….. Your photos are simply breathtaking!!!!!

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  2. I had a great encounter with a koala in the bush the other day that opened my heart. I wrot about it on my blog. As for the body, for me its sinus clearing and gdneral purging!

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