Working on updates…

Or is it upgrades?  It’s all about energy and my laptop seems to be mirroring.  An update yesterday and then again today.  I chuckled when today’s said… this will take a while.  So symbolic.  

Full Moons usually bring things to light.  At times this is sheer bliss, knowing… peace.  Other times it’s an a-ha… a reality that needs to be known/change.  Trust that it will.  Immediate action is not always needed.  The Universe/Spirit will assist… if you allow.

If you’re in the thick of it… I’ll share that some of my best writing came from these moments.  It won’t always be like this.

While the energy felt a bit unsteady yesterday, it is soft and calm today.  It is a beautiful day so I close my laptop and allow the updates/upgrades to finish.  Time to be in nature, our nature.  Picture taken this morning.


Hoping all are doing well and will update more soon.  Blessings and ❤


5 comments on “Working on updates…

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  2. lol – that’s a great take on what’s happening. Talking about writing while in the thick of it, I decided to try and write honestly about how I’m feeling. As you have probably realised my blog attracts more mainstream people. It’s interesting to see how they are reacting to my latest post. They don’t really get it but somehow it speaks to them – Here’s the link if you are interested –

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    • Suzanne – thank you for sharing! You are an luminary and wayshower – pulling your group along. It was a delight to see the support/comments – a lot and, process. I have found it an honor to be available to the mainstream as well as connect with like minded. Together, we are all figuring this out. 🙂


      • Thanks for your positive spin on it all. I’m seriously questioning whether the blog is still something I want to take with me into the future. Somehow the weight of all that pulling is actually starting to hold me back. Many wayshowers talk about how the days of saving others are over – many now feel that it’s time to let others do whatever they do and be where ever they want to be. Of course there are some who seek you out and are interested in what you have to say. That’s an altogether different scenario. I agree about figuring it out together but I’m finding that happens more with the people who seek me out and, for me, that’s not through my blog anymore but more in the physical world. A new development for me that I am enjoying very much.

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