I awoke at 4:11 a.m. and quickly… my mind started whirling.  So I arose and sat under the moon.  I took several deep and l-o-n-g breathes.  This seems to be needed now.  I don’t even know what this week has in store… yet, I seem to be feeling it.  So Universe, what’s the 411…

This seems to be another period of release, release, release.  Often this first comes with a realization… a moment… and then release can happen quickly.   For some, deep… and boy do I mean deep a-ha’s and releases are happening.  I was told a few days ago, the Ancient is awakening.  This can be a mental, emotional or a physical body process.

Much is swirling around yet not much really is about one/you.  It can be a mirror for the huge transformation that is happening in you.  Stay centered and calm.

It’s like a Teflon pan… it’s not supposed to stick yet… pay attention to what does.  It needs a little attention to get it to release.  New ways are trying to form but often we are clinging to the old and not even realize.  So watch your thoughts, patterns and habits.  What can you just stop doing/let go of to then merge with your new self?

This can be… is such an amazing, awesome, awe inspiring, creative, powerful and sacred time.  Freedom, peace, joy and bliss.  So… step by step… here we go, remembering our true nature.  You are light… love.  Well, you are everything.  Have a graceful and grateful day.  ❤


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